Mac Vs Windows – How do I deal with both

I grew up in an Apple Macintosh family, but about 10 years ago I had to change my computer system to Windows. There were too many things running on the windows, and in the computer support world into which I came, Windows was in both my office and my clients.

I just got back to the Macintosh world and I have to say I love it. There are advantages and disadvantages for both systems, but now the world of Mac is far beyond the Windows world.

Here are my advantages and disadvantages.

first Macs have fewer virus to worry about. Especially because the virus writers are planning their time to find the Windows holes. There are some macer viruses that need to be addressed. This means that you often go completely without the antivirus program on your Mac and you do not have to deal with constant scans and updates.

2nd You can run your Windows operating system on a Mac using virtual programs such as VMware Fusion. If you run two completely different systems on a machine, there is a huge advantage for Windows users only. I have a WXP system running on Mac OS10 and never lose a second. If the windows update something and slow down that part to an unusable state, I can switch to the mac page and make something even more productive without missing a punch.

3rd There are still programs running on Windows only. This has been solved with VMware Fusion's virtual ability, but it is still annoying that I still have to deal with Windows. Mac OS is much more efficient and cleaner.

I use a lot of marketing programs by small time programmers and as long as they do not write software for Mac I always need Windows. But I feel good because I need less and less.

Source by Justina Michaels

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