MAC Vs PC – The Eternal Debate

The dispute between Mac and PC is upsetting, as it is almost over time. Many Mac users believe Apple is a religion and will follow Steve Jobs to the end of the world. Obviously, this article is not written for these people, but rather for PC users who think about the Mac.

First of all, I'm a self-employed and I use an app that Apple owns. I can only run on Mac. So I just ordered my 3rd Mac laptop. In the 80's, my fist also had a Macintosh SE.

For me, I've been a PC user for Windows 95, and I used virtually all versions of the operating system, including some server versions. 19659002] In short, my advice is only Go for a Mac if you have a program that runs on it only.

On Photoshop Mac, he made money out of the window.

Do not miss Mac OS X is a very nice system … it is based on Unix, which is very nice if you need to interact with Linux machines.

But Mac will pay 1.5 times the price of a computer with the same hardware. Furthermore, since Apple as a monopoly on any hardware that can run MacOS X, it's harder to find a solution that exactly matches your needs.

Many people say you can not catch a virus on Mac. While it is true that Macs are less likely to catch them, hackers are developing more and more viruses for Mac because popularity rises.

You also hear that you can run Macintosh. This is true. But you have to pay between $ 150 and $ 500 for a Windows license to install it on your computer that spends more than 1.5 times. And if you do not really need a Mac and use Windows, you will only find yourself practically in Windows. Thus, he spent all extra money for nothing.

Finally, Apple charges a lot more. For example, since MacOs X was launched in 2001, 5 updates are issued. You had to pay $ 150 for each update. And many times, Apple has made the update to use a lot of "juice" for older machines to force them to change.

In contrast, Windows XP also appeared in 2001. which, unlike Apple, does not overload the CPU. They called service packs and were free.

In summary, if money is not the subject, buying a Mac is not a bad idea. If not, you only need to switch to a Mac if you have a program that just runs.

Source by Matthew Deforge

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