Mac Vs PC – Everlasting Battle – Which Is The Best?

There are some basics that need to know when they talk between PC or Mac. The PC is usually a personal computer, just like a Mac personal computer. Mostly, when people talk about Mac from PC, talk about Mac software on Windows running on PC

So it's just a bit simple; PC is a piece of hardware manufactured by several manufacturers. It has an operating system (OS). The most common are Microsoft, such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. Another popular operating system is Linux distribution. Mac is a hardware that Apple Corp. manufactures with Apple's OS X operating system.

In my discussion, I'm dealing with PCs from Microsoft to Mac. Microsoft has become the world's largest software vendor in the early stages of the company's supplier. They had a very simple operating system called MS Dos. There was not yet a good operating system. But Microsoft did a good deal with the hardware partners who created the PC. At the same time, Apple was successful in hardware and software development – in Macintosh. At that time, the Mac had a mouse and graphics software, but the computer had no graphics on its user interface and did not use a mouse. Later, in the early 1990s, Microsoft started the creation of a graphical user interface with Windows 3.x and later with Windows 95. But Microsoft was also the dominant leader of the market; Apple was just a niche player. Fifteen years later things have changed and the internet is the main reason. The success of Microsoft in the 1990s was based on client server technology. The Internet has opened up the barriers and more and more systems are able to work on your browser. This does not oblige companies to standardize a given customer technology. Apple is no longer a cremator; the company is still bigger than Microsoft. And private homes and businesses are considering whether they use a Mac or a PC. Both systems must work – if no one disputes that something is wrong in the system.

One of the advantages is that both hardware and software are created. This makes it easier to ensure that everything works well. Microsoft creates the operating system and the above software and must rely on the computer manufacturers that create drivers for their hardware; which works well with the software. It can be as good as Mac, but obviously worse.

What would you say about usability – friendship? Mac is always graphic, and windows operating systems from Windows 95 up to nowadays to Windows 7 have always taken a few steps behind the Mac (some say it's a bit subjective). The Mac is known to be more user-friendly and "just works" a statement that goes around.

Apple is more expensive when it comes to price. If you compare your computer with the equivalent hardware and the Windows operating system with a Mac computer, at least Apple claims it at a reasonable price. As there are many hardware manufacturers that create PCs, this market is more complete and is likely to be cheaper. At least always cheaper PCs will be available for sale.

The dispute between the open and the owner is difficult. They also talked a lot about those who have vague ideas about openness. The PC is more open in the sense that the operating system you buy can start from a variety of different types of computers from a variety of different manufacturers. If you are buying Mac OS X, you must run it on Mac. Unlike this, openness is about being able to share and accept openly. The internet had a great impact on the topic of openness. Today Mac and the computer are well-known to the auxiliary staff. Mobile phones, printers, cameras, etc. Works well on both systems.

Legacy Systems; This is the biggest obstacle for Mac and always. In the days of client server technology, each system was designed for the operating system. And since MS was the market leader, each system was the first and most of the time it was just for the computer. This made it impossible for companies to choose others outside the computer. Since the Iqets paradigm came at the end of the 9th century. And now, in a decade or so, many of these customer-based systems are involved in Internet-based systems that work through a browser. Many companies still have to use MS. MS Office between Outlook and MS SharePoint is a system that connects companies to the PC world. In the private consumer market this is not such a big problem.

I would say that there is nothing like the best here. This is a subjective statement of who is better. Usefulness and time spent in trouble is the most important choice. I would say that Mac has the advantage at this moment. Attacking to client systems or inherited systems is another important issue, especially for businesses. On the other hand, the PC has the advantage of the historical reasons described above.

Source by Jao Acueza

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