Mac Vs PC – Compare Apple, Orange, iPads, and Microsoft

In the World of Money, there was great news when Apple (AAPL) surpassed Microsoft (MSFT) market cap. He then returned to the end of the 90s and the turn of the century, when a proverbial user competition claims that Mac is better than PC. Of course, both companies took advantage of this controversial argument in their marketing campaigns by personalizing both systems that use human actors representing each system. Many of these marketing campaigns would not be discussed because of the reflective attitude and perception of the user community; Actually, in comparison, these companies really compare apples with orange (pun intended).

Many people agree that the most effective reason for Microsoft (PC) fans is that Microsoft has targeted 97% of the operating system market, Apple and others (eg UNIX and Linux). While this sounds loud, it must be taken into account first and foremost that Microsoft's business model is primarily licensing. Microsoft's manufacturing costs for Windows operating systems are primarily related to the cost of software developers and the associated cost of software development lifecycle (SDLC). Almost, Microsoft continued to strive to compete with other products of consumer electronic data streams, including video game consoles (Xbox) and portable media players (Zune); However, these are not Microsoft products, such as Windows operating systems. The PC is manufactured by IBM, Dell, HP, Gateway, Compaq, and so on. He remained with him while Microsoft was able to shrink and count producers' units and enjoy licensing profits as in all PC manufacturing chains.

In the meantime, where was Apple? The Apple model produces hardware in parallel with the development of operating systems. At that time, a large number of data-processing fans would have claimed that this was a costly mistake as Apple did not take the same licensing business model in Microsoft. Now a new day, the world can give a new picture of Apple as the organization's news says Big Bad Bill Gates and Goliath Microsoft are beyond. Looking back, Apple apparently was not the world's largest operating system; they obviously sought to build the world's largest computer. In Apple's context, two-half of the hardware and operating system were all designed and designed under a roof. Apple continues to maintain its behavior in terms of genesis until today.

Shortly after Windows 95 started the world domination campaign for Microsoft, the MP3 codec was born. Napster became the best friend of MP3 file sharing drugstore due to the quality file size of the MP3 file, which was a new phenomenon. It's hard to disagree with the fact that the PC is about to become an oversized stereo system that will only allow song portability if its MP3 data is burned out of a CD and the car or portable CD player is also started.

Returning to time, it is obvious that it is a solution to build a tiny, battery powered PC that can contain thousands of such tiny, high quality files and allow users to play music without having to spend time on CD- or just limited to what your CD would allow you to burn. Voila! The iPod was born. Why was Apple a perfect business model for developing such a product? Unlike Microsoft, Apple did not have a multi-tasking business, Apple continued its mission of building the world's largest computer. For this device to revolutionize the world, it had to step down from an organization that understood what it would be to be a stable, reliable, user-friendly and graceful tool from A to Z. With all the respect for the Macintosh was the iPod's prehistoric form (I know it's a section but it will stay with me). Like Macintosh's predecessor, Apple builds iPod as an elegant device with a small operating system that is parallel to the hardware development of the device, as previously mentioned in Apple's ancient recipe for success. While Apple products are not inexpensive or inexpensive, this successful recipe makes quality products that represent Apple's reputation and the cost of these products reflects this discipline. From the point of view of this article, this approach is affordable: on May 26, 2000, Apple sold $ 21.59 per share; From May 28, 2010, Apple will buy $ 256.88 of its shares. This growth has done everything while keeping the track on track with an obvious mantra: creating excellent PCs.

The exciting element of iPod was the beginning of the new era of computing. The iPod launched Apple for a journey that took them from the simple iPod and then bridged the iPod technology through the iPhone. Although Microsoft is not a foreigner in the mobile phone market, their relationship with the mobile phone system reflects their connection to the PC, allowing the operating system. Like computer models, the Windows Mobile Phones' hardware is not from the Microsoft operating system, so the results are mixed with the installation of the products of different mobile phone manufacturers. Apple's Apple-designed Apple hardware and product customers, which are parallel to Apple's operating system, agree with quality, quality and quality.

Then came April 3, 2010: the historic date of the debut of the Apple iPad. Is this notebook, laptop or tablet? I'm not sure but you can be sure it's an iPad. Some critics have noted that an outdated iPhone. Its touchscreen, battery charger, network connectivity, running the most common applications, is lightweight and slim. When I first experienced using an iPad, I was retro-nostalgic with this modern device, reminding me of the old Star Trek movies that depict the technology of the future. The bones walked with this one tablet that can handle all the communication, information and documentation requirements.

Since the release of Windows95, the world has been admired and afraid of the dominance of Microsoft and the wealth of Bill Gates. Not that the Bill Gate story is not great, but it's worth admiring. However, Steve Jobs and Apple are extremely inspirational, as the Apple organization was a minority in not bothering Microsoft's luck (except that Microsoft had released Apple in 1997 with a $ 150 million cash infusion, some say that a generous move was a PR campaign to divert the mindset of Microsoft's antitrust practices). Apple accepted the opportunity and put his head down, kept his nose in the grinder, abandoned excellent products, and never looked back.

We can fundamentally promote the right argument that is far better (Mac or PC), both of the two empires in the technology sector are in the technology sector; However, Apple is hardware, while Microsoft is mainly in the software sector. Microsoft is the dominant presence of desktop operating systems thanks to the market position of branded PC manufacturers. This is largely not important because Apple goes beyond the operating system, Apple is the complete product; is a leading manufacturer of its own operating system computers. This is not news for Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, they both understand where they are in their cabs, which might be because there was no brain for Microsoft to help Apple in the troubled times of 1997 in Apple.

Detection of non-comparison here is more than one point; this is a holiday of ingenuity and creativity not only in the field of technology, but also in the business field. It strikes Apple to ultimately surpass the GUI technology that both Apple and Microsoft have borrowed from Xerox and rewritten personal data processing that is more ergonomically matched to our new millennium culture than the desktop clusters that kept it on the table Egyptian laptops , which held us near an electric power source. Yes, these were the orange days; now is the time to move on to Apple's days.

Source by William Morse

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