Mac App Store and your application

Are you a developer for Macintosh computers? Well, you might well be aware of the "app store" that they have recently launched for their computer, which works in a similar way as app stores on their iOS mobile platform operating with a "walled garden" approach, which means getting your An application is filed in a difficult and costly procedure, but it is also a place where thousands of people who are not sure to find programs on their own are watching, so the business is certainly worth it.

There is one rule specifically that should send waves of lust through the development community. " 2.1 Applications that crashes will be rejected " and " 2.2 Apps that show errors will be rejected. " This means that If you have one of the bugs they find in the application process, you will be asked to remove what will cost you time and money in the process. Not to mention that your rivals have the opportunity to get you and gain market advantage simply by "being there first" and that's a lot to say to be there first.

It's where the quality of software tests come in. They work with you for any errors and weaknesses to get your idea from screen to market in good time, ready to compete with your competitors with features they work well with in the background. It worked for me and there's no reason why it should not work for you too.

Source by Lyndon Ogden

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