Mac and cheese: all adults

What began President Thomas Jefferson's presidency? After discovering the cheesy, rich pasta table in France. at the beginning of the 1800's, he bought and drank a delicious, new, rich cream, cheddar cheese and cooked for a sparkling, crunchy perfection. Along with the unpublished statement from France, along with other creations, including ice cream, French fried potatoes, fine wines and exotic fruits and vegetables, all of them with a French chef's chef will stir up his kitchen (not to mention White House) colonial food was dug up. For the South, the homemade mac and cheese plate have always been made on the dinner table.

After the start of commercial production, Kraft Foods mass production and uncles had great opportunities for busy mothers and hungry children, the map of Depression in 1937. Although many cooks still wanted to scratch, pack up the packed food enough with sliced ​​white bread and Toll House cookies. Despite the fact that her former prince fought, the boxed mac and cheese were cut into a chamber.

No question, a long way, and some of the latest versions are simply outrageous. Every restaurant and cook seems to surpass the others and sometimes some (possibly) delicious versions, new combinations can be considered simply bizarre. Here is a list of current popular creations:

Einstein Bros.Bagels

Mac and cheese bagel (actually baked in pasta)

Mac and cheese balls, breaded and bred a new experience of hors d ' oeurves (Trader Joe is especially good)

The pizza on top of cheeses and cheeses is displayed with a large chain

Mac and cheese burgers with paprika cakes and cheese

Mac and cheese fried cheese sandwich

Hot Dogs Cultured M & C (Keep the Ketchup)

Rich Homemade Pastry Confectionery with lobster (and very muscular)

Mexican food with M & C (quesadillas, burritos and enchiladas)

Mac and cheese with white truffles

Of course, increase costs and (sometimes) taste levels, including Gruyere (Martha Stewart's favorite, about 0 pounds, but hey, that's Martha Stewart) and blue cheese that brings interesting and new flavor to classic food, not traditional cheddar and velveeta. Maybe a little butter and a little sour cream to fill the calories.

And in a LA restaurant, truffle oil and white wine are added to the service for $ 95. Yikes.

In other words, anything you can dream of can be done with your basic mac and cheese to become more creative when the spirit moves. But you were purists, nothing to beat the creamy goodness of macaroni, rich cheddar cheese sauce, and buttery crumbs that were perfectly baked in the oven. It may be all adults, but no doubt. Some things are better left alone.

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