Luxury brand videos for iPhone applications

2009 is proof that luxury watch makers find a new way to advertise their products, and "a la iphone" seems to be the venue for choice.

Bell & Ross, Breitling, Piaget and Jaeger-LeCoultre each come out with their own iPhone application, each offering more advanced features than the last one.

Here is an overview of how each app is applied:

Bell & Ross was the first luxury car brand to release an iPhone application and this is the most basic.

Of course, the app tells the time without it being said and offered to shake the phone to charge the clock's automatic winding function. Many Bell & Ross watches can be downloaded with different colors and patterns.

Bell & Ross specially designs high-quality watches for professionals such as Air Force Pilots, Deep Sea Divers and Anti-Mining Military Teams. The inspiration for the functional design of watches is taken over by one of the most important tools that these professionals rely most on: the dashboard and this functional priority take priority over design. In other words, "Essence is never compromised by the unnecessary."

Breitling was next and compared to the subsequent iPhone applications, which is also very simple in bids.

Breitling's approach is a little different to Bell & Ross, as the application offers a single hour, not the whole brand. The Breitling app focuses on one hour; the company's most recent chronograph, Chronomat BO1.

The application includes a very detailed and accurate description of the Chronomat BO1, including technical data, video, and 360 ° views of the clock. The unique configuration allows you to display hundreds of possible unique versions of the model. The sales tracking system allows the person to locate the nearest licensed Breitling retailer. With the appearance of Piaget iPhone, things seem interesting.

The Piaget application is specifically an hour; the Polo FortyFive chronograph is GMT. It's a new kind of watch that Piaget does and what Piaget wants to see people. PoloFortyFive is a luxury sports watch that is named 45 minutes in a T-shirt match and presents what is "first" for Piaget – combining titanium, injected rubber and steel. The 45 mm case is made of titanium with a sporty silver disc, index markers and steel hinged rubber band. Automatic movement inside is manufactured with flyback chronograph and second time zone with GMT function, sweep seconds, and big date complications. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, titanium and rubber.

Piaget has recently saved one of Polo 45 chronographs to Fernando Torres, a well-known Spanish player playing for both Liverpool and Spanish national teams to ease the great luxury of Piaget.

As the current watch, which is very beautiful and stylish, the iPhone app is an attractive way to show the user how long it is while being able to measure independent time intervals. The application actually mimics the retraction function of the clock and allows the user to launch a new time series without having to adjust the central chronograph hand.

Like any other luxury branded application, there is a "localization" feature that allows users to find the closest Piaget boutique.

The last application to be reviewed, Jaeger-LeCoult. Jaeger definitely takes this entire iPhone application concept to new levels.

A description of the application on Jaeger-LeCoultre's website: "With the passion for horizontal technologies and the loyalty of the avant-garde spirit, Jaeger-LeCoult opens the first iPhone Timetable School."

Yes. In fact, you can buy online classes and find out that Jaeger compiles some of his best known watches, such as the Reverse Squadra model. You can choose from six classes. Within these hours, the user learns and even practices certain techniques such as chronograph mechanism compilation, decoration and jewelery movement and polishing, engraving and precious stones.

Is the best and most attractive part of Jaeger-LeCoultre application? If you download, take the class and do it well, you will be drawn into a drawing where you will be a winner and then sent to a Swiss trip to see the production of Jaeger.

As these applications are getting better and better, who knows which luxury brand will show up with and what will it offer. Competition is on. Who is next?

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