Loss of Virginity – Girl's Guide for the First Time

If you read this and insert the situation, then the topic already takes your mind into consideration.

You may have read something about the subject, talking to a girlfriend who has recently gone through the experience and heard about it at school. We hope to help you with a brief guide here. This is yours.

First, you feel that this is the right thing. It should not be squeezed out of it, or the experience will not bring the joy and good memories that you expect and deserve. You are responsible for your life and body. You really have to be ready.

If you masturbate, it was probably a clitoral orgasm, so you know what is understandable in terms of feelings. You have to know your own anatomy.

You know that there are some external lips that cover the vulva and some internal lips that are very flexible. If your anthem is intact, it will also break with the accompanying feelings and bleeding. Guess.

In the second consideration, there should be no sex if there is too much alcohol. May be drunk and lose big judgment after a drink.

The third consideration is about using a condom with your partner. The reason for this is well known, and of course there is no excuse not to use it. It must be protected. This is a health problem, a very good way to prevent conception, and is generally a good idea as it can help slow down your partners with a little contempt.

To begin.

You can't have too much foreplay. This should be mutual kissing, erotic massage, revealing each other's bodies, seeing that each of them has sensitive and erogenous spots. Do not hurry. It will soon be over as it is.

Whenever you have a foreplay, the womb produces all the necessary moisture. Believe us, the better. First, it's not too wet. If you're a little adventurous, ask your partners to provide you with peace of mind, and if you know, give your partner some reduction. They are wonderful signs of love.


Make sure to put the condom after the foreplay (and maybe fallatio) if not already. The partner takes the first step to move directly to the normal mission position. Bad idea. The worst thing about losing virginity. You're not in control and will be more painful, and you can't do anything, just lie there and take it.
Instead, try the girl in the top position. Here's control. Your vagina never had anything in it (like a penis) and you should slowly accept … and it will be.

If you lose an anthem, it determines the speed and pressure that occurs. You won't suffer, and if you're still not wet, you can use a water-based vaginal lubricant (such as KY). The act is about to happen and you can touch it.

Initially move your partner motionlessly, putting pressure on the vagina. As it becomes obvious, you can start the self-start independently.

At this point you can change the positions (assuming the partner has uploaded) and go back to his back. However, do not stop for a simple missionary position, but toss the pool slightly and ask your partners to suspend your arms and not lie on you … if the thrust removes both your clitoris and your G-point.

There are many variables here, but we lose our virginity as we recommend it, and it will have pleasant memories in your mind, rather than filling or using it.

Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

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