Logitech UE Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone

They say Old is Gold – it's not always possible, especially on music systems! Remember these old times when the music systems were huge and occupied large spaces, not to mention the widespread wiring that was awesome and cumbersome! These music players come from several components – a cassette player, a cassette player, a CD / DVD / Blu-Ray player, a radio tuner, antennas, amplifiers, loudspeakers and more … Of course, not all of the components at the same time required the reminders. But you get the idea – the music systems were big and not miniaturized. Although they were smaller systems, the quality of the sound was usually compromised. Interestingly, not everyone needed sophisticated, high-quality music systems. Many of us are more likely to carry their music with us. Very few of us are casual music listeners and good sound quality music solutions. Previously, this was no difficulty, at least the least.

Fortunately, we live in good times and the rapidly evolving technology has accomplished miniaturization without jeopardizing quality. Now we offer solutions for casual music players that are small in shape but have good sound quality. In addition, there is a high degree of flexibility as these devices do not all have to include them and can be paired with other devices such as a laptop or iPod to provide high-quality music. Additionally, storage systems have become extremely portable with the appearance of USB flash drives and Micro SD cards

For those who do not just love music, but also live and want to carry them, the Logitech UE The Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker and handsfree is the perfect solution! Although the Boombox is small, it is exciting that its sound is great, good quality!

A few moments to review the Logitech UE Boombox Bluetooth Speaker – you'll immediately notice that the feature is rich –

  1. Robust and durable material
  2. Durable and rugged, easy-to-use action rubber cover
  3. Vivid metal grille
  4. Ultra portable and lightweight: lightweight and compact in size (2.4 inches) easily fits into your bag. We can always travel and weave with clean, undiluted music
  5. Long-lasting battery: Internal rechargeable battery can play up to 10 straight hours anywhere and anytime
  6. Easy USB charging and 24/7 power with the supplied AC adapter
  7. Simple + / – Lightweight Volume Controls
  8. NFC connection.
  9. Bluetooth wireless loudspeaker: music playback or control up to 50 meters away from Bluetooth compatible smartphones, tablets or other bluetooth devices, light music
  10. Ultimate Ears (UE) Voice signature: Personalized drivers are really great undigested sound from a small loudspeaker. The output is clear, clean, rich, large, detailed, perfectly tuned. Two full-length drivers provide crisp high notes and warm mid-range while the passive radiator increases its lower end and generates four passive radiant deep, rippling bass.
  11. Couple like handsfree speaker: Built-in microphone and handsfree for handsfree calls in the office, car, house, kitchen, garden or anywhere. Automatically interrupts / starts music when picking up calls and providing long gaming experience and style.
  12. If you do not have a wireless connection, you can easily connect your iPod or other digital music player with the 3.5 mm connector.
  13. Multiple Access: You and a friend can switch music from Bluetooth devices at one time. Users can easily switch between devices while pausing on a device and playing another game
  14. Playing music wirelessly from a variety of Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets, iPods, etc.
  15. Easy with up to eight Bluetooth devices
  16. Adding another speaker
  17. Multi-host sharing via the UE Mini Boom on your bluetooth device, such as a smartphone for playing two speakers

This stylish and smart loudspeaker has dimensions 3.4 inches x 3 inches x 7.8 inches. : Audio playback requires smartphones, tablets, and other devices to support Bluetooth wireless audio profile [Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)] or 3.5mm audio output.

Contents of the box: Mobile Boombox, USB charging cable, power supply, user documentation

We purchased the Bluetooth handsfree (HFP 1.5). this product came back sometime, and there was not the slightest reason to regret it. In fact, the price, size, features and sound quality make it an excellent speaker. It's much better and more popular than most other small-format music solutions – it's even going to Logitech's later versions!

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