Listen to FM radio on your smartphone – Yes, there is an application for it

A long time ago, my colleague suggested that I should do more radio and less writing. I explained to him that I did not know that I had to write fewer words, because I was already using voice software. In fact, we tried to compile a plan as we could use voice guidance software while I was doing my radio show. Then the broadcast was broadcast online, that is, internet radio, and we could be compatible with local radio stations, maybe both near and far to play as part of their programming. All of this returned me.

Of course, the radio did not really take as much as it should have. Podcasting was very popular for several years, but with the advent of social networks everyone is spending more time on social networks, even more time than they spend on TV or surfing the Internet at other places. Next, a lot of our residents are going to mobile phones, and they are taking programs with them. They are doing computing with tablet computers, smart phones and mobile devices. In the new state, everyone is on the go and always connected to the Internet.

Now, maybe in the future, the radio will definitely merge with the mobile phone, social networks and people will take it on the go just like they always have AM and FM radio in their car. If you doubt that this is an imaginable and viable future, I have new information for you. You see, on January 10, 2013 there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal called; "FM Radio Broadcasts to Sprint Phones", which pointed to a new trend, one that should not surprise us all so much.

Whenever you think about this does not it all? After all, the cable networks prevent satellite broadcasting with their music stations, Netflix works its way on cable television, and even Apple tries to combine the internet and your cable TV like many others like Google and Microsoft. It makes sense for people to smart their phones, iPads, iPhone, iPod and merge them all together with their tablets, laptops and other mobile phones under the sun. Why not?

For those who think the radio is dead, I ask myself to be different. People still want to watch radio and it seems that Sprint has taped into consumer demand, thanking energy and what's missing in the lives of people, the radio stations they used to so much for so many years. Now they can have it all. And is not that what the current ADHD consumer wants these days? They want it now, without delay, and they want it all without excuses. Please check all this and think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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