List of the best recent Android Apps from the Google Store

The Chameleon Launcher developer covers thousands of dollars to get a better Android homepage and now it's out for the public. The default layout of the Android system is a new look and several APIs are provided for developers to tinker with, in it. You can climb the screen and add some spices.

Amazon MP3, however, is not new but popular now with Brits. Amazon launched a newly developed Amazon Cloud Player in the UK that allows users to play music from the music cabinet. You can also automatically add new layers to Cloud Player.

The new app Talking Ginger has more than 500,000 sets within a few days of its release, which is amazing to say at least. Like the "Talking Program," her animal hero will repeat the words you speak back to you. This app is very popular with children and adults.

In addition, the Guinness World Records book this year has come up with its own advertised reality, developed by powerful Android developers bringing different types of interesting sharks, slam-dunking parrots, individual spiders, longest snakes and shortest men world with magnificent effects.

The eMusic subscription service has its Android counterparty launched in early 2012. You can listen to their listing of songs and even request suggestions from others. In paid services, you can download music from the service as well.

The International Cricket Board has released its own Android app that focuses on the latest news and action, team information, along with comprehensive text comments in live games. You can also view live games as well.

Bloomberg is one of the most active radio stations, and has great applications developed by various Android developers for many platforms. The latest app brings its radio station to smartphones with live audio on the radio. Performances are also available on demand.

The Triggertrap is an Android app that is designed to work with SLR cameras and includes features such as temporary, prolonged exposure and Star Trail. Dongle is required to connect between your Android device and the SLR camera.

Geotracks is a GPS-based app that is also a local appliance with the ability to share with friends in real time. It uses Geoloqi API and acts as a standard program.

Emergency signal is known as a mobile emergency solution app that can help people contact local emergency services if they are far from home. Emergency items are sent to the local area network for emergency services. It is working in a few countries from now on.

Former athlete Michael Johnson is back with the talented Motiv8 in Android who runs the runners while playing music. The vocal motivation along the way will be from Michael Johnson himself.

The Insomniac's official Android app is finally made with. This app provides comprehensive information and content of the events it hosts along with relevant photos, videos and radio stations.

MyShelf is a new app that helps its users store notes, pictures and links, and resembles Evernote. It can switch data on devices with Wi-Fi or USB.

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