LG VX9800 Keyboard Phone – Modern Phone with Modern Accessories

Every busy executive has a smart phone that can help them routinely. The newest addition to these smart business telephones is the LG VX9800 Keyboard Phone. This phone has just been introduced by one of the leading LG mobile phone manufacturers.

This stunning phone is especially designed to meet user-friendly business users.

The LG VX9800 Keyboard cell phone has countless features and some of them have quick access to video calling, high-tech stereo speakers, VCAST for accessing available TV sets, broadband Internet speeds, 1.3 megapixel video cameras and still pictures and QWERTY keyboard, etc. The model features an advanced voice call feature, high color display, EV-DO download function, and all for an eye-catching look.

You can customize your cute LG VX9800 keyboard with a number of accessories and explain some of them as:

1. USB data cable

To keep an intelligent business phone, you always want to share and exchange data from your computer, wants to fill in the data. The USB data cable makes it easy to connect your phone to a computer.

2. Faceplates / Jackets

In order to renew the look and change the aesthetics of the cell phone through these fronts. These are different colors and designs that perfectly fit your phone. Only use these front panels to improve your phone's aesthetics.

3. Bags / Covers

Mobile phones are considered very fine and should be protected from any external damage. These pouches are made of fine quality leather or textiles that provide better access to the phone and eliminate the risk of fracture, falling, and lost phone problems

. Bluetooth Headsets

Use Bluetooth Headsets to listen to songs, talk to your boyfriend, and enjoy videos while walking. When using headphones, you should not hold the phone in your hands.

5. Car Chargers

In addition to typical wall chargers, car chargers can also use battery life while in motion

If you do not want to miss and want to see revolutionary changes in modern telephony, VX9800 keyboard phone. With a completely different appeal, this spectacular model boasts unusual, yet striking accessories.

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