LG Shine – Class Apart

LG Shine, part of the latest "Black Label" series, is a high-end phone that comes equipped with a glut of high-tech features. Lossing on its forehead, LG Chocolate, a fully reflective facade that acts as a mirror when the screen is The USP call is off. Small size and light weight is more advantageous.

Its steel skin gives it a very sophisticated and cool look. Lots of features that LG Shine contains includes 2mp digital camera and MP3 player. The camera clicks on fine quality images and records on the other hand, the MP3 player is a fun tool on the go.

Support for Mini-SD card ensures that you can store all the information you need on your handset. USB support is also a boon that makes the LG Shine massaging device. screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels per 2.2 inches high color display, which is great to say at least.

In addition, you can use the three unlimited network that lets you explore the World Wide Web at high speed. The Bluetooth option allows you to connect wirelessly to other compatible devices for sharing pictures, music and videos. Equipped with Tri band technology operating over GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900, LG Shine can be used in Europe and the majority of the United States.

The LG Shine performs all the features expected of users with admirable handcraft. This classy device has a terrific good look in addition to its advanced features. Own it and it will allow you to stand apart from the group.

Source by Adam Jaylin

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