LG KP500 Cookie Mobile is a poor man's IPhone

The KP500 uses a soft touch of plastic, looks very nice in the hands and remains fingerprint-free. The handset has three buttons on the & # 39; Widescreen – Call, End, and Close to Close or Open. This is a small cell phone with a predecessor, the Model Viewty being only 89g, and 106.5mm high, 55.4mm wide and 11.9mm thick, which can be easily pushed into a pocket or handbag. The front and back of the device are separated by a metallic silver band extending across the four edges of the device. On the other side is the place where you find a free port for the speakerphone, charger and USB and the volume / zoom buttons.

The KP500 uses a mobile QWERTY style virtual keyboard when landscape is very sensitive and easy to use. The mobile has an auto-rotate display that lets you move pictures and documents for easy viewing. Your phone has a good handwriting recognition feature. The pencil is nicely understood and is located at the bottom, but slides sideways. You can edit the images by tapping the pen. The PDF viewer provided is good but does not display the images inside the document.

The Cookie KP500 is located on the back of a 3 megapixel camera that captures photos or captures family moments videos. It supports the play and download of java games. The phone is equipped with games such as "Tomsons & Touch", "Pipe Game", "Flying Dices" and "Wheel Mania". These are Motion Detection Games and enjoyable for good hand and eye coordination. LG claims that the Cookie 900mAh battery provides 350 hours of standby time or 3. 5 hours of talk time. A single prize gives a two-day average. Your mobile phone has a 1GB microSD memory card when you purchase it.

Some disadvantages of your mobile phone :

  • Voice dialing is not supported on your phone.
  • There is no autofocus and flash function.
  • Low-light photography and close-ups cause poor picture quality in Cookie.
  • Video viewing is not a fun experience at KP500.
  • Low-speed video plays the movie in a disrupted manner on the handset.

Source by Himanshu Shekhar Jha

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