Learn how to upload your 3G iPhone to ringtones, wallpapers, and apps

How would you like the iPhone to be yours, a kind, and a night light? As the genie said, "Your wish is my command!"

Yes, even if everyone and their mother have the same iPhone model as you, yours may be different with the power of customization. Thanks to the wide range of iPhone wallpapers, ringtones and apps, iPhone can perfectly extend you! Dare to be different! You may like the attention!

There are other benefits to converting your iPhone into an instant notification.

For example, what if a fun loving seaside gorgeous? You may want to have an iPhone wallpaper with a sexy girl on the beach. The iPhone rings everywhere with "Surfin" from USA. And you'll find the perfect iPhone application with beach volleyball strategies to provide the best game. Perfect. Then you get a call.

One of the most prestigious law firms in the city heard his legendary excellence in his legal classes. They want to come to an interview right away. What are you doing?

Want to be impressed. You want to show a sharp, conservative image. As you are ready for the big show, you take your iPhone for a moment to match. She changes the wallpaper to a conservative dark blue to match her suit. Changes the ringtone to "The Star Spangled Banner". And it changes the latest iPhone application into a useful dose of target and success tips. You feel confidence in the interview and get the job done!

Helped the iPhone? Who knows?

That night is the love of your life. He wants to get married. You already have your ring and everything. What are you doing? You can change your iPhone wallpaper with a sparkling diamond that fits your surprise. You can set iPhone ringtones to play "My Life". You have set up another iPhone application to set the mood when you play Elvis's love songs in the evening. As you dance, you will be asked to marry. He says yes! "

Helped the iPhone? Who knows?

Certainly not hurt you! Are you sure you are able to meet the iPhone for every situation, right? You can customize your wallpaper, ringtones and applications, offer more choices

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