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first STEP: The first step is to go to the Sheria House (registrars) and get a name research in the dormitory.

2nd STEP: From the Sheria House, the company obtains the documents that you would like to bring to the TELEPOSTA GPO building where the company will receive the list of requirements, the objection letter and the acceptance / waiting letter. The list of requirements basically contains all the documents that an interested company should have received before it was approved. The letter of acceptance must then be sent to the Educational Examination Board, for example, for example, KASNEB, KNEC, CITY AND GUILDS. This is necessary to acquire the necessary curriculum. More information and clarifications can be found in this document.

3rd STEP: The Sheria House must return the applicant to TELEPOSTA where the registration process and the necessary information must be provided.


Before registering in TELEPOSTA, the institution must comply with the promise.

The institution must also have a curriculum

The institution must provide legal documents; the acts; (Law, Labor Law, Education Act) can be obtained from government printers or a well-established institution

College lecturers should also be higher than the diploma in the dormitory must obtain a degree and have a diploma.

Finally, the institution must obtain the manuals of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

According to the timetable, the pre-registration of the college depends solely on the applicant and its urgency, but after the submission the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY takes 60 to 70 days before making the final decision. goes ahead.


The Ministry of Education adopts the following curriculum for the curriculum of Kenya, the Kenyan, KNEC, CITY AND GUILDS, ICM, ABEUK, NATIONAL INDUSTRY TRAINING AUTHORITY (NITA).

FOR KASNEB: The institution must apply for an application form from the KASNEB website. Following the submission of the application, KASNEB will send persons to the institution's assessment. From this evaluation, KASNEB informs the applicant of the necessary steps.

KNEC offer; Once the registration documents have been completed, the institution has to visit KNEC's offices where it receives the center number of their institution.

NITA: The NITA curriculum is available for any institution even before registration. It is available at a fee of Ksh500 per course, in NITA offices according to the requirements of Commercial Street, Industrial Area. Nairobi.


City and Guilds are international curriculum bodies whose requirements are diverse, such as local bodies; which are:

1. Organizational chart with the name and address of the persons involved in the transfer of the course / program.
2. CV for current teaching staff who are involved in the implementation of the course / program.
3. Copy of the copy of the appeal procedure
4. Equality declaration, this is from a gender perspective.
5. Health and safety certificate of concession by the relevant ministry.
6. List of tools for implementing the course / program.
9. Properly completed CGI-CAP, Center Approval *
8. Properly completed CGI-QAP, Qualification Approval *
9. Ministry of Education / Ministry of Science and Technology or Industrial Training Board of Approval Certificate.
10. Center approval fee Ksh. 210,000 percent
11. Certification approval fee Ksh. 40,000 per rank.

* These forms get acquainted with the city and guild office.

Source by Cecilia N.

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