Latest Qwerty phone LG – LG GW520 for Facebook

GW520 from house LG is one of the most popular touch screen cell phones that are available in the market at the moment. Unstable entertainment, useful applications and outstanding looks are the reasons for the popularity of LG GW520.

This new LG phone is designed to attract a lot of young people. Teenagers like such mobile phones are stylish and full of such applications that offer a lot of entertainment. The LG GW520 has all the features needed to attract youth.

Today, most youngsters prefer to be in touch with all their friends with different social networking sites. This new LG handset serves as a social networking phone. If you have this mobile phone, you can easily update your status on Facebook. You must also be able to view the latest photos and status updates of all your friends. It is also very easy to check emails with this handset.

Almost all the people are looking for a good camera in the handset now. The GW520 has a 3.15 mega pixel camera that offers outstanding image quality in the photographs taken by it. You can also record video clips with this handset. The digital zoom feature is present in this mobile phone. With this feature, you can take clear pictures of even those things that are far away from you.

The new LG GW520 features a 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen that is capable of displaying up to 256,000 colors. The movie this mobile phone offers is great. The screen on this mobile phone is equipped with an Acclerometer that helps the screen on the screen of this mobile phone to adjust according to the status of mobile phones, ie. vertically or horizontally.

When you open this new phone, an impressive QWERTY keyboard opens. With this keyboard you can quickly create text messages and emails. You will not be in any hurry to transfer this mobile phone to you because it is lightweight. This mobile phone also offers great gaming experience for its users. You must be able to play videos. Every time you want you can download other games and applications from the internet.

The media of this handset allows you to play your favorite songs. You can also play different videos on the screen on this mobile phone. While the internal memory of this handset is only 40MB, it can easily increase it up to 16GB with the help of a microSD card. FM radio, voice note, organizer, photo and video editor are also available. It is very easy to open various MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files with the Document Viewer, which is present in this handset. The GW520 has been bought by many young people and they fall in love with it. All applications of this latest LG phone are very easy to use and understand. You do not have to think so much before buying this mobile phone as it is one of the best handsets designed for the teenager.

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