KINGWEAR KW88 Review: Good Choice for Smartphone

Compared to the smartphone, the smartphone takes the opportunity to behave comfortably. It is small size and it wears the wrist. However, there is an obvious drawback that it is not a big screen. That means you can not use it to play games or watch videos. If you do not mind the little drawback, it's a good choice for smartphones.

Exactly, in this article, I want to review the KINGWEAR KW88 smart watch. The content includes three parts, including layout design, configuration and functionality.

Look Design

It has a good looking design. Using the 1.39-inch AMOLED circular display with space cutting technology, it has a great display and overwhelming touch. With 286PPI and HD 400 * 400 resolution, it delivers clear and crisp images even in flash. In addition, the viewing band is made of high quality silicone material. In conjunction with the hole design, it ensures good air temperature and comfortably wearing. Except it, 11 kinds of patented design watch faces with popular themes, it shows a flower charm in exclusive space.


Powered by MTK6580 Quad-core processor running at 1.3 GHz, which gives flash speed in system response. In addition, it packs in 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, which offers enough space for installing applications. Extrememore, Android 5.1 OS allows connectivity to thousands of applications that you can customize to your liking. And it supports running many applications simultaniously. Except it supports 3G WCDMA network and WiFi function, which brings easy and convenient communication.

Most importantly, it is set with a 2.0MP camera that comes with Sony. This camera includes 3D 6-Lens Reduction and Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS), which easily keep good memories of every exciting moment with high quality images and videos.


First of all, comes with GPS navigation. Supporting Google Maps with high precision GPS components, it meets your need when you find the tours when you go out. And it supports voice guidance.

In addition, it supports heart rate monitoring. Set with high precision heart rate sensors, KW88 will help you know your heart rate anytime. Together with the pedometer, which allows you to take daily steps and consume calories, make it easy for you to have a healthy life.

Additionally, it has other useful features such as alert notification, OTA wireless upgrade, SMS, caller ID display, etc.


In short, Kingwear Watch is worth a smart device. If you are looking for such a choice of smartphones you can try. I think you'll imitate it.

Source by Lucy Yang

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