Keyboard Shortcuts on Macintosh Computers – What Works and Whats Not

If you used a Windows operating system throughout your life and finally decided to use the "final PC upgrade" – on a Mac, you will probably be worried as you open the box and remove your shiny new Mac , whether you can actually use your new purchase. Some things are the same on Mac – for example, if you click on something to open it. Try to go a bit deeper than if you use a program to send e-mail, and it all seems to work differently. For example, switching between different open windows on a computer requires only Ctrl + Windows Key + Tab to activate the Flip 3D feature. One of the reasons is that it does not work on a Macintosh computer that there is no Windows key. You must learn each new keyboard shortcut to bypass the Mac. Let's look at some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that can be used on Macintosh computers.

The Macintosh has something called a Command Key. Strangely, the icon resembles the Windows logo. You can roughly say that you perform a function that resembles the action performed by the Windows control button. If you press C, this is the copy, you must insert the V command.

How about this move, where do you need to switch all the open programs? Use Command-Tab on Macintosh computers. If three or four browser windows are open, this is not the hotkey that will help you switch between them. The Command-Tab combination only runs the various programs, not the different windows of the same program. To do this, use the Command-Tilde function. Things are slightly different on Macintosh computers. In a long time, this will be the second nature.

Use keyboard shortcuts to open a window to open. On Windows computers, Alt + F4 would be the trick for you. Apple computers feel that the Q command is a much more sensitive combination. There are a lot of wrinkles that are added to it. The Q command closes only all copies of the program. If you just want to close the window to be focus, you must use the W command.

In your Macintosh browser, you do not use the title bar in the browser field where you enter the web page URL. It's called Location Bar. You will need a L command to enter the Location Line. If you type K. you will be placed directly in the search box next to the search box.

Macintosh computers can be very intuitive. These keystrokes need to be together for a long time.

Source by Martin Odellt

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