Key Strategy that will shape the course in iPhone App Development in 2017

The total number of applications available in the Apple App Store is fastest growing, while providing a mobile phone mobile phone. Millions of users sometimes look for apps in the App Store for almost anything and everything that can improve their lives.

Although every professional has his own business concepts and ideas, Apple has focused on certain patterns that can greatly affect user experience. While addressing these consequences, here are some of the development areas of iPhone development policy that would shape 2017 policy.

Swift Encoding

Swift has become a popular name in this brand because it includes a range of code technology and frame. It operates on advanced infrastructure infrastructure that helps to use the Xcode devices to write a constant code. Now, Objective-C has become more popular with Swift Programming. However, when Swift became an open source in 2015, the number of users increased rapidly to a large extent. This, in turn, exceeded the total audience that users were also.

iMessage Apps

In the fall of 2016, the iMessage applications began to gain momentum. The latest iOS 10 update has set an ideal base for developers to develop and distribute advanced custom extensions. With its advent, Apple is planning to get back to some users because of the loss of other popular messaging applications, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. These programs are going to create more opportunities to start, especially while developing AI-powered products and chat bots.

Applications supporting enhanced functionality and GPS

Small and medium businesses implement local app building services. It is very useful to offer customers information about products and services, price comparisons, reviews and various other mCommerce related tasks. As the latest driving force, GPS has become widely popular with Pokemon Go's success in 2016 and in the field of retail and automation. So, presumably, users will send a combination of GPS and AR in the near future and in 2017 as well.


iPhone has always been a favorite for privacy and security issues. Mobile telephony has rapidly grown to unprecedented levels and become an important concern for IT giants. Apple has already moved on with App Transport Security (ATS). This year, it will provide stronger and creative data encryption technology so as to facilitate increased security.

Final Project

However, Android wins all battle battles, but Apple continues to work in all margin battles, thus ensuring the best place in terms of revenue. Earnings from these programs are quite high and with a better margin, and therefore it will continue to encourage action and innovation in the mobile industry.

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