Keepsake Christmas album

Do you hate to throw your Christmas cards every year as much as I do? This year, I decided to try to get along almost to preserve our Christmas cards, as well as finding a way to organize all the Christmas lessons I have been credible to receive over the last six years. I decided to make an album for our Christmas tree using decoupage to decorate the caps with this year's Christmas card.

I love decoupage. It is so easy to do and so versatile. It's very hard to get it wrong. I started to find something to pack the Christmas cards on. I had some dark red card numbers (next to the newspaper on the office) that seemed strong enough to withstand the entire glue. Next, I cut my Christmas cards in all different sizes and types. I cut out the little characters, the scenes, the holiday greetings, and even the signs of loved ones who had sent the cards. I almost put the cross overlap on the map and started applying them one by one with decoupage finish.

There are some types of decoupage finish available. You can find variety in your local craft. I have two different types: Plaid Royal Coat Antique Decoupage Finish and Mod Pode Gloss-Luster. The first man gives an antique look. Stick the yellows when it dries, making your editions age. The more you apply, you get. Mod Pode dries clearly. I used the old finish and was completely satisfied with the result. You use the adhesive to glue individual pieces with a brush and then when you have finished (add the trash here and there to fill the blue spot), brush a coat over the entire page. After drying for about 10 minutes you can apply for another coat. I found adding some coats made the pages sturder, more like a cover, as I wanted. I just had enough Christmas cards to cover two pages, one for the front and one for the back.

After the pages were dry, I used a three-hole punch to throw holes in the covers. I decided that I would use a wide range of freebies to tie up the covers together. That way, every year I could free the bow and add new letters to my album. I used 2 1/2 inch satin ribbon wire (dark red). I liked a wire strap. It was easier to adjust the bow and looked very good. There was also a retirement from my gift business this year, so I did not have to buy an extra.

When the packaging was ready, I put up our Christmas presents from old to newest and paved holes in them all. I put them between the covers and put the table through the holes and fastened a big red bow to hold them together. I chose not to string through all three holes – just top and bottom.

I was very pleased with how the memorial christmas life turned out. It was easy, only took about two hours to do, and I did not have to buy anything extra to do it. After you buy a decoupage finish (about $ 5 per bottle), the use for it is virtually unlimited. You can apply it to virtually any surface that gives you the opportunity to create a timeless souvenir in a variety of ways.

Source by Rachel Paxton

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