Keep your phone and lead it to a prepaid wireless service provider

Friends have some kind of post-payment refusal options. In the past few weeks, at least four familiar people mentioned the potential switch to prepaid wireless networks when they are approaching the end of their mobile phone contracts. However, there is a comment saying that "I want to keep the phone." Fortunately, they can unlock their current phones and receive them for a prepaid wireless service provider. If you do not know the term, the locked phone is only: a phone that did not end with a particular service provider (or an associate). You can import your locked phone to another service provider by using the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card, inserting a microphone into your phone, allowing your wireless service provider to provide cellular services to your phone. The SIM card also stores your subscriber data.

The type of phone determines how easy or difficult it is to unlock the phone. For example, prepaid giant TracFone Wireless (owned by NET10 and Straight Talk) gives a discount to phones, which means it does not allow phones to be unlocked. Direct talk plans are directly related to the phone number you are using so you can not transfer the SIM card. But you can unlock your phone and use it with a GSM network.

If your contract has expired (or terminated early termination fees) and is in good financial standing, you can ask your previous mobile service provider to unlock your phone. If so, you can transfer your phone to another wireless service provider, such as AT & T, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, or Virgin Mobile. Many phone manufacturers release the codes according to the phone model (I need to have a few quick google search); some places, such as mobile phone shops, may also be useful. If these trips are not successful, you can always buy a locked phone from an online retailer (eBay or Amazon) or from a physical retail store such as Walmart or Target. Most importantly, purchasing a locked phone in the first place is that it is not tied to a wireless service provider. Which means you can provide flexibility to insert a new SIM card into your new locked phone and choose the media that you can send texts, make calls, and browse the web.

If you can not take part in your iPhone, you have some options for subscription-based wireless switching. Only a few providers offer the iPhone 4 and 4S and now only 3 of them will be able to bring their own iPhone to their plans. AT & T releases iPhone for customers who are out of contract (or have terminated the termination notice earlier) and are in good financial standing. Cricket Wireless and Virgin Mobile require you to purchase an unsupported iPhone 4 or 4S. Some other providers allow you to take your iPhone with you (and in some cases keep your number): AT & T GoPhone prepaid service, T-Mobile and Straight Talk (a Straight Talk SIM or micro SIM card).

Like anything else, you have to do some research before deciding where to get your locked phone. The links below will help.

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