Kaizen – Understanding Your Pros and Cons

The Kaizen or Continuous Development management style is very popular today. Japanese companies originally used this style in the manufacturing sector around the world. If you are planning to adopt this management style in your organization, you first need to understand the advantages and disadvantages.


1. Process-centric. This way you can determine exactly why things are bad and change processes so that errors do not occur. The terrible processes have been reduced and this has reduced the waste of resources.

2nd Everybody who participates in it takes some responsibility, giving them more purposefulness. Furthermore, as people are at the forefront, employee morale is growing tremendously.

3rd There is less need for control because the error is smaller.

4th Teamwork will bring huge growth and people will be able to think beyond the needs of that class.

5th Customers' needs are at the forefront of corporate efforts, and all products and services are tailored to the needs of their customers.

6th The company's long-term and short-term goals can be easily identified and there are systems that ensure that goals are achieved.

Although the benefits of kaizen are numerous and widely recognized, it has to be recognized that this business management style has some drawbacks. These disadvantages can be quite serious if the company only pays the oral service for this treatment concept and implements it without really understanding why or how.


1. Some companies have to make a huge change in their mind and style of operation. This is sometimes very difficult, and initial problems can be very bad in business. For example, companies need a very open communication style to put this management style into practice. Many workers are also thinking about territorial thinking and are reluctant to let go of & # 39; work areas.

2nd Very often, the initial excitation of using a new management style dies too soon. As a result, companies are unable to achieve the results they seek. Additionally, people believe that this treatment technique will not work at all.

Good understanding of Kaizen helps you make the most of your company's success. Thanks to the management style, you can reduce costs and increase productivity.

Source by Rizvana Manzoor

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