64 bit processor has been made available on the market until the software will work on it. If you have such a machine, you may find it difficult to find software that will work. One common occurrence of this is iTunes.

If you want to download items from iTunes to a 64-bit processor, you need to download the iTunes 64 Bit Setup Utility. (See the link that accompanies this article.)

Note: Not all Windows 64 bit operating systems are supported by iTunes64. You must have Windows Vista 64 bit or Windows 7 64 bit. 64-bit version of Windows XP is not supported by iTunes64.

Using iTunes64 will improve the sharing of the world with anyyPhone, iPad or iPod touch withiOS4.3. So you'll be better able to take advantage of all the features of these amazing devices.

iPod Touch

For example, you probably know about iPod Touch scalability to play music, videos and games along with the ability to browse the internet. But did you know you can use it to record sound too? Register lectures to schools, business communities or music.

Another unknown feature of this unique device is that you can access the Apple Podcast and iTunesU library through your iTunes application. Enjoy free music and comedy through Apple Podcast. Get information and stay informed with free shows, interviews, or lectures, about virtually anything that interests you at ITunes U Library.

For you music enthusiasts, you can download the Pandora Music app from the App Store. Pandora will play as much free music as you can see. You just have to be close to a WiFi connection. Pandora will play the music you specify and other similar music. What a wonderful way to introduce new artists!

Finally, your latest iPod has 2 cameras. One is facing you for use with Skype or Facetime. The other is in the process of taking pictures or videos. It also has microphones and voice recognition.

These devices are truly amazing. Like any new technology, their ability to grow. For this reason, I recommend 64 GB memory.


Here are some examples of iPhone innovations scheduled in June 2011. It will have a smoother 9.3mm thick body design, it will have Face Recognition software, built in True GPS, custom text messaging , Face-time, OLED screen, scratch and blast investigation, Wireless sync with iTunes, memory up to 64G, battery life 14 hours talked to 3G models, and 7 hours on 4G. Hi Definition audio, message light and custom e-mail notifications.

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