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Downloading music from iTunes is one of the main ways the internet has changed our lives. It was not long ago that musicians had to find the local music shop and buy all the CDs if they wanted to hear their favorite band or songs. This created great disappointment and frustration because so many albums had only one or two "good songs" on it.

Synchronizing iPod, iPhone, iPad, or other MP3 player at the Apple iTunes Store changed all of it. Consumers now go to YouTube or Amazon or a song page to find the particular song they want, then rush to the iTunes Store to buy the song they want. They no longer need to buy a compact disc.

Technical Issues on iTunes

Of course, iTunes is not perfect. I do not know how many people I've heard complaining that they want to use the store, but for one reason or another they do not want to use their Visa or Mastercard on the Apple site or they can not use their credit cards. ITunes support sites claim that you can apply without credit cards, but often in practice, it's much harder than it looks.

I did some research and found out where the problem is. The people who complain that Apple will not allow them to set up an account without credit cards is right – they can not use most reasonable methods. Use or two small tips and understanding of why people get married allows you to download music and captivating songs that they want while using debit cards, prepaid gift cards or free tickets for the Apple Store. One false step and it does not work for you, but it's possible.

Free Apps Store – Not The Main iTunes Store

The main remark is that people go to the main Apple iTunes Store instead of the Free Apps Store. In both cases, you are asked to create an account. When many see "Make Here, Create Account" advice, they assume that the store is in the right place and only means "Create Account" advice. This means they try to do the right thing in the wrong place and it's not going to work. So I'm going to spell this out again.

Do not go to the primary Apple iTunes Store. Instead, go to the Apple Free Apps Store. When you go to the free application page, you need to install a free application. When this happens, you will be asked if you want to create a new account. Click on "yes". Once you've done this, enter your debt information instead of your credit card. This should bring you into the system without credit cards. Once again, if you try the same thing in the official Apple iTunes store, you will not be able to do whatever you want without submitting your credit card information.

Download music without credit cards

I have not said this could not be easier with Apple's people. I suppose they would rather use credit cards, but many of us do not want to use credit cards online or do not have the privilege, so it's good to have options. I am convinced that less people would participate in torrents and other forms of piracy if they did not have to use plastic for each purchase but that's just my theory. In both cases, I hope these suggestions help you get iTunes without having to get a MasterCard or Visa.

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