iTunes crashes in Windows 7

iTunes crash in Windows 7 was reported by a number of computer users. Obviously, it does not seem likely that this issue will happen from time to time, and people are completely unclean to stop the collapse. After careful research, I found that little care was needed to avoid the problem and fixing the registry errors on the computer should be the most important task.

This problem occurs for the following reasons

· Corrupt directory

· Installation files are corrupted

· Registration entries are corrupted

· iTunes is in the wrong sector

· Windows 7 is corrupted

Follow the techniques below to get rid of application crashes in Windows 7.

· Rebuild Library

· Reinstall iTunes

· Improved Windows Registry

· Run the defragmentation of the registry

· Repair of Windows 7

NOTE: Make a backup of the directory before starting the process

Rebuilding the iTunes Library

The iTunes directory contains information about music files. If the iTunes library is corrupted then iTunes crashes. Rebuilding the iTunes library solves the problem, though it seems to be a difficult task. Make sure you remove the old one before creating a new directory.

Reinstall iTunes

iTunes crashes in Windows 7 when iTunes installation files are corrupted. This problem can be solved by reinstalling iTunes. Reinstall properly before reinstalling it. Follow the steps below for the correct procedure:

1. Open the control panel

2. Click Program and Services

3. Right-click iTunes and click on the installation

4. Remove any other file that is linked to iTunes

5. Restart the computer

6. Download the latest version of iTunes from the official Apple website

7. Installing iTunes

Repairing Windows Registry

If your iTunes registry entries are corrupted, iTunes may crash at random. You can easily avoid application crashes with a good database cleaner. Registry Cleaner scans your Windows registry deeply for quick fixes of corrupt and corrupt files. Keep in mind that the Windows registry is like the computer brain and should be in good condition to run any computer program without a fault.

Repairing Windows 7

If all of the above methods did not work to repair iTunes crash, repair Windows 7. Before you begin to repair Windows 7, install all other applications that are associated with iTunes and iTunes (iTunes Mobile, Bonjour Quicktime, iTunes installer).

How to Defragment the Registry Defect

Another reason for iTunes crash in Windows 7 is that it is in bad sectors. Run a registry defragmenter in a registry utility. Registry Defragmenter reorganizes scattered data and makes it easier for programs to access registry keys when running programs.

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