It's just double fool for business owners to not be smartphone / Smartwatch Payment ready!

I do not mean to conclude that business owners are stupid. We make all the foolish things from time to time. I know, I'm an expert in that matter. It's just, let's say, less than a wise thing to postpone getting your business ready to accept payments from current and potential customers who want to use new smartphone technology.

Consider this. Apple ™ will soon release Apple Watch ™, which, like its new iPhone 6 ™, will be ready for use with Apple Pay ™. How many millions will they sell? Are you going to watch one? How many people see a new iPhone 6 ™ platform? My guess is a lot! According to a quarterly report, 74.5 million units of iPhone 6 ™ were sold in the last three months of 2014. How many sales have you sold this year with waiting lists in all Apple ™ stores? How many units Apple Watch ™ will sell when it's released in the near future?

Below are some questions I've received on this subject along with answers.

What is Apple Pay ™?

Apple Pay ™ allows your customers to pay by using their smartphone (or soon viewer) to pay for products and services. It is safe and secure. Each business is powered by a pin or fingerprint sensor and creates a single switch. No card data or names are made to make it the safest payment method available today.

How do I agree with Apple Pay ™?

Accepting Apple Pay ™ is as simple or simpler than accepting credit cards as long as you have the right equipment. (see below).

What equipment do I need?

You need an NFC-enabled credit card or Point of Sale System, (yes, both are available). Without this technology, there is no way of communicating between your smartphone and the payment device.

What will it cost me?

There are no additional "19459006" business fees "" or * Discount "to the owner of the company to accept Apple Pay ™. However, you will need to upgrade your NFC equipment. Select an Ethical Sales Office you can get everything from a simple terminal to fully blown Point of Sale Systems placed free for as long as you pay a normal POS service charge. [19659002] What's the price to do nothing?

When your customers get a new iPhone 6 ™ with Apple Pay ™, they will earnestly seek traders who approve of technology to test it.

Notice these facts from the Apple ™ quarterly report and Macworld version

Apple's payment is now when responsible for 50% of the purchase of mobile phone services ases at McDonald's fastfats giant

Apple Pay ™ works n when more than 90% of America's most prepaid credit cards.

Consider prioritizing update your card processing to accept Apple Pay ™. With all the devices in the hands of people who are looking for places to use them, it can only increase your sales.

Source by Edwin T. Cornia

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