It's a phone book and there's a cell phone book

The phone book. Ever since I was young, I was thrilled to have the phone book yellow. All the other books I've ever seen are printed on white paper. Comic books and periodicals printed on the white book as well as school books and books. But not in the phone book. I remember it very big, very heavy and very yellow.

Is every phone book yellow? I was surprised. This, of course, has evolved in the past few years and years before the onset of the online world. Before BT.COM and I wonder if the servers where the phones are stored are yellow? Or are the rooms where the servers are, yellow too?

A phone book that is not yellow, a cell phone book. This is because, to the best of my knowledge, it has never been printed. Perhaps if there was a printed copy of a mobile phone book, it might be yellow. Personally, I would like to design people who think of color-blind people. Reading the black text of a yellow paper is not most convenient to combine with someone who is color. Of course, the color thickness varies, so publishers have to look for them properly and make sure that the actual date of publication of the mobile phone book corresponds to the needs of society as a whole.

Over the last few years, online websites have been created, providing web addresses, business communities, and even mobile phone directories. The quality and hardness of the latter leave much to be desired. As about 20 million mobile phone users pay as they go, customers do not have to register their name and address to the network service provider and can use their cell phones in complete anonymity. User Warning, about 20 million plus, "contract" customers. The details are recorded by large network operators, t-mobile, vodafone, virgin media, or orange, each retaining their cell phone client's own databases.

The result is no online cell phone number directory that can list a comprehensive list of mobile phone users. There is no regulated online 118 mobile phone service in the UK, although there are some who claim otherwise. The fact that online mobile phone directories rely on users to register their personal information on that web site. It's okay. In fact, some websites allow you to save and store your mobile phone book online securely.

I'm scared on the day that our cell phones are issued without permission. Long live anonymity that we can enjoy with your cell phone number.

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