ITouch Emergency Medical Procedures Manual

The following text describes how to restore unresponsive iTouch after an unsuccessful jailbreak attempt.

  • Symptoms of malicious iTouch:

    • History of unsuccessful attempts
    • Non-responsive
    • Displays rolling white text that appears before floating
    • Black screen appears only

    If iTouch involves any of the above symptoms or other similar symptoms, follow the procedures below until the patient responds to the treatment.

    first Artificial resuscitation: Try restarting iTouch by holding both home and Wake buttons for 10-20 seconds until iTouch restarts. If iTouch does not restart your computer and does not display the Home screen, go to Step 2 – defibrillation.

    2nd Step – Defibrillation: plug iTouch into the USB while holding the home key pressed … must return to the restore mode. Returning to the restore mode (illustrated with the iTunes icon and the USB cable display), you must recover the iTunes restore command. If you do not receive a recovery request from iTunes, you may not be able to install iTunes and continue with step 3.

    3rd Dialysis: If you can not get a response from iTunes to iTouch (even after defib), it's best to reinstall iTunes to resolve any problems with USB Drivers and iTunes services. Do this with the iTouch and do not reconnect iTouch until the iTunes installation is complete. When iTunes is installed, reconnect iTouch and reset a restore command, or at least iTunes recognizes iTouch and enter the main toolbar where you can select the "Reset" button. If you do not see one, your computer has other problems and needs another doctor. It's not Windows.

    4th Group therapy: No matter what steps were needed to restore iTouch, you probably have to know that smoking cigarettes are giving cancer and a prison sentence prevents iTouch from working. If one of these scenarios intimidates you, you probably can not do it. In addition, since after you restore iTouch you already pick up the other cigarette and continue to jail iTouch (we never learn … do it 😉 try the following tips to avoid another jail attempt:

  • this fully charged battery
  • Do not be impatient and start killing programs and unplug iTouch until it's done
  • Make sure you have a trusted wireless network … this means you probably should not use the neighbors the network of protected links
  • LEGAL STATEMENT: Most of the article is made with the best intentions and light heart. The rest are serious and important to advise and help those who want to get into the unknown world of imprisonment. You can choose which parts you have.

    Source by Bryan Waters

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