Is your smartphone part of your spiritual exercises?

If you look like me, do you use the smartphone a lot – and there are tons of research that keeps us up to all the dangers associated with overuse of this technology! I know technology is bad rap these days – and it's true, there are lots of interruptions that waste our time and create confusion in our consciousness. But did you know your smartphone could be part of your mental exercises?

Smartphoning as a spiritual exercise is "apps-olutely" one of the best ways to connect almost anything you want to encourage your spiritual growth.

Here is this spiritual practice:

Try one or more of these methods:

1. Add a mentally enriching app to your smartphone and use it on a regular basis. There are all kinds of programs out there that relate to spiritual enrichment. For example, you can try programs that focus on: meditation, candles, singing bowls, yoga, soul, self healing, life-raising, self-awareness, spiritual growth, self-help disciples, spiritual living, enlightening ways, spiritual places, spiritual awakening, mindfulness, meditation and alarm clocks, natural images, Buddhist meditation, mantra, world peace, prayers, as well as hundreds, perhaps thousands more to choose from. There are also great YouTube videos and TedTalks that offer encouraging content. Try a few at a time and start adding them to your daily exercise.

2. Send a message of motivation or inspiration to someone. You can send email and / or text to someone and receive emails and text from anyone anywhere in the world! Sending genuine spiritual quotes to a friend in need can turn their lives. Getting one can change your day too! You can find amazing posters and quote sites like Pinterest, by searching for keywords like spiritual quotes & # 39; or "encouraging quotes". & # 39;

3. Connect to other spiritual networks. Use a hashtagify or Google search to discover a network that specializes in your spiritual enrichment brand. Participate in a conversation as mentally and share inspiration.

Whether you are organizing a mental break for a few minutes or prolonged thinking time of smartphone palsy, I know "app-recitation" to facilitate this particular exercise will no doubt make it one of the basic tools in your spiritual tools. You can have a mental experience on the go or sit back on a pillow in your sanctified mental fitness area and enjoy a spiritual moment … as you walk the spiritual path of practical feet.

Source by Cher Holton

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