Is Vivo V5 any good?

Vivo may be the most branded if not everyone in western countries have never heard of this but this Chinese smartphone manufacturer is one of the most popular brands in its home country. Vivo also sells its smartphones on Android, in other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, and it's incredibly successful in India, especially because of the great online presence. This offline push means more in a country like India than in western countries because even the world's fastest growth in smartphone smartphones, most Indverskar are still buying their phones offline in brick and mortar. Vivo does a lot of work to sell phones like Vivo V5 in stores. This is largely done by offering retailers a much higher drop in phone prices. This gives retailers more value to discount the phone and increase sales. Or they can sell the phone at retail prices and harvest much higher profits.

Retailers who usually take advantage of selling higher margins such as smartphones and backups for other phones can make a murder selling V5 itself and then even greater profits by selling accessories like the Vivo V5. Although if you want a Vivo V5 custom case, you still need to buy it online with one of many designer smartphone dealers in the country.

But what about V5 itself?

The Vivo V5 is by no means a bad smartphone, hardware-wise. It has fairly standard, competitive specs for the Android phone at its price in 2017 and it has a good fit and complete the boot. The problem with Vivo, like almost every other anonymous Chinese smartphone, is that it is saddled with terrible skin on top of the Android operating system it operates. This is because the Chinese market seems to be featured with skinned versions of Android.

While everywhere else in the world, most challenging Android smartphone users could just choose it if manufacturers would install clean, Android warehouse on their devices. This does not happen though and what you usually get is a little ugly, horrible, defective interface like the terrific FunTouch ™ OS that Vivo brings to V5. This only decision makes the Vivo V5 phone that you should avoid like the plague no matter how popular it is.

Source by Nahid Ahmad

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