Is there a disadvantage to iPhone?

Apple has proven to be a device that is unique and so simple. They are smart masters when they created the iPhone. IPhone is one of the simplest PDA phones, but Apple stumbles other ways, including copying and pasting, memory shortcuts, and AT & T related costs.

Apple forces people to upgrade to any new device with a built-in obsoleteness. In other words, Apple says, "Let's create a tool that has limited functionality or enough bells and whistles to make people get excited and then update them by adding features that were already in place from the beginning with the 2G upgrade for 3G, 2G did not include 3G speeds, which is vital to using the Internet, for example

Memory is a very limiting factor: iPod touch can even up to 32G. It is very good for people who do not give much content, such as music and movies.Black, a movie is simply 200M

Apple allowed people to add more memory with a microSD card so small to not break the beauty of iPhone and iPhone 3G extra "life" in a year

And the battery life is worse than the old Treo 700p really worth noting, polygon r I use my phone, one day I was in the whole office all day, iPhone initially makes calls, and app. Within half an hour the battery was half full. What if you listen to music and / or watch videos? There are some products that I'm discussing on another article that can help with using iPhone during the day.

The AT & T service is OK, but it's expensive. The minimum monthly cost that can be spent on the iPhone at AT & T for about $ 75. Do you have 450 tone samples, unlimited data (you want) and 200 text messages)? Comparing my Sprint plan is about 30% more expensive. But if you want this beautiful iPhone device, it's the price you have to pay.

Another major shortage of lack of copy and paste. If you are in an application that has a phone number for example in your dialer, you can not copy the phone number to the dialer. You have to remember the phone # or write it down and then you have to put it in the dialer. I can not tell how many times I have to copy something from one application to another so I do not forget. Copying and pasting is the basis for all PDA phones.

I still love this tool because I'm a great photo / graphic user. And 320 x 320 pixels can not be stolen now. But we are living in a transitional industry. If someone meets a similar tool and better service, you can bet that I will not miss it.

Source by David K ​​Chan

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