Is the Sciphone i68 with WiFi Internet?

Sciphone i68 has been last year or so incredibly cheaply cheap alternative to expensive smartphone. Thanks to its decisive, elegant appearance, full touchscreen and many applications, the i68 has sold very well in Europe.

Pointing point for i68 users has been the lack of WiFi browsing though.

With thousands of wireless locations across the UK: In hotels, restaurants, cafes and workplaces, the internet is available virtually anywhere. And mobile operators expect their phones to monitor this technology and can browse the internet on the go.

The current types of i68 unfortunately do not support WiFi internet connection. Instead of consumers being connected to the internet using the WAP browser: a much slower and often more expensive form of internet access provided by the mobile network.

This is okay to change this May though.

This week, a new model of Sciphone i68 was publicly published in the UK. Called i68 WiFi: this new version of i68 features a full wireless internet connection. Connects to wireless hotspots at home, work, in a hotel or anywhere with WiFi, this new model can browse the web, view email, send and receive instant messages, and do thousands of others with the internet. In addition, this Sciphone has made many other major improvements to the i68 experience. The touch screen has been hugely upgraded: now offers more control and responds to the minority group. The camera's functionality has been enhanced: feature another fully functional camera in front of the camera and flash on the back to add lighting. And the soundtrack has been enhanced with a powerful stereo speaker at the bottom of the phone.

The new model i68 WiFi is intended to be officially available for sale in the UK on 1 May 2010.

Source by Hanz Gruber

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