Is the new iPhone 5 worth the wait?

People have been hearing since the beginning of the year that the iPhone 5 is coming soon, but so far they have been disappointed. Especially after Steve Jobs resigned speculation on the new iPhone was somewhat negative. So if you ask me if you need to wait for the iPhone 5 or go to Samsung's new galaxy series, then waiting is the best option for you.

One of the problems in this regard is that Apple does not issue the exact specifications of the iPhone until officially launched, and most of the things to read about it online are based on speculations and rumors. So do not be too dependent on them. However, one thing is for sure, iPhone fans will not be disappointed. This next-generation iPhone 5 is certainly worth a wait; here are some confirmed news and reviews on the new iPhone.

First, the new iPhone 5 is one of the thinnest phones ever made, its weight is lighter than previous versions, which means it's easy to carry around in your pocket. The iPhone 4 screen size was about 3.5 inches and the resolution was the best among the phones. The new iPhone is likely to equal the size and resolution of the screen, though there is some speculation that people in Apple may be up to 4 inches; the chances of doing this are a bit thin.

As far as the software is concerned, the iPhone 5 is a completely new and different experience for Apple users. The software is for Android starters, so it's twice as much as the previous version. The new system improves instant messaging and Internet usage. The same processor A5 that is used on iPad 2, ie the average processor speed is about 1.5 GHz. This means you can enjoy the same rapid and efficient work on the new iPhone but half of it. In addition, it has an enhanced multi-tasking application that allows you to simultaneously open many applications without slowing down the system.

The next-generation iPhone is a sophisticated music technology that enables music experience to the next level with the new iCloud feature of the iPhone 5 to connect wirelessly to any music player, even on your personal computer or radio, and synchronize all online storage media to update your list. The new camera's camera will have an 8 megapixel LED, so the iPhone 5 images will be both in resolution and quality. Record your movies, take pictures and share your friends with the new generation of iPhone. So the next time someone asks "we have to wait for the iPhone 5", you have to know exactly what to say to him.

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