Is the iPhone 4 case suitable for the Verizon iPhone?

Apple and Verizon have recently announced that they will launch the iPhone for the Verizon network. This new iPhone, however, looks the same as the iPhone 4, with some minor changes. What do these changes mean for people who want to buy accessories for their new Verizon iPhone devices, and especially for those who want to move from AT & T to Verizon?

Differences Between iPhone 4 and New iPhone for Verizon Network

First, let's look at Apple's changes to Verizon iPhone. Many blogs and web sites say the new iPhone is exactly the same as the iPhone 4, except for the minor relocation of the external antenna and the slight move of the Mute and On / Off buttons. Antenna changes resulted in the shifting of gaps between external antennas (a new gap appears directly above the Mute button), and the volume buttons, still on the left side, slowly moved on the phone (presumably to receive antenna switching).

Can you use iPhone 4 cases on the Verizon iPhone?

Probably not the simple answer. While moving an external antenna will probably have a minimal impact on moving the Mute and On / Off buttons. Most of the cases that are currently being designed and manufactured are made with precision and are designed to fit exactly with the external features of the iPhone 4.

A slight change in the placement of external buttons means that the cases designed for the devices are not compatible with the new iPhone designed for the Verizon network. In particular, iPhone 4 cases with separate holes for the Mute and On / Off buttons do not necessarily fit the Verizon iPhone.

The iPhone 4 cases, the full opening of which can accommodate the Mute and On / Off buttons, can fit the new iPhone, but it should not be surprised if the case does not fit perfectly. Owners of suitcases and flip cases who want to buy the Verizon iPhone do not touch them.

When will new issues be available?

Many iPhone agents have announced that they will change their iPhone 4 case samples to take into account minor changes. These cases are available from February 11, 2011 to coincide with the release of the highly anticipated Verizon iPhone.

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