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I've always been a humble guy. I was an early user of the earliest video game systems (I think Tank Battle, Atari, Colecovision) and my home computers (I remember Vic 20, Commodore 64, Commodore Pet). Even in the 1980s I bought one of the early Casio calculator clocks. Continuing the trend, I picked up a Casio electronic organizer in the early nineties, then the original Palm PDA with stylus and the first HP tablet PC in the mid-2000s. Dell followed the first tablet PC, followed by the iPhone, and now the iPad and iPad 2.

But it's so tech-guy and early adopters, I never bought a device because it's "cool." I'm too pragmatic and I always analyze the usefulness of the bunch before I buy it. And like you, I'm too busy to play games. I need a tool that saves, not costs, but time and money.

So when I was presenting the iPad, I evaluated the usefulness of my product in my daily life based on my usual research. There is plenty of writing about the "cool" features, design and potential of the iPad, as well as the fair bit of technical deficiencies. But not so much about the actual usefulness of everyday life. Many people now ask me "how much do you like your iPad", I think I would just write this article to help others judge if they were right for them – in the end it is not cheap. General Observations

Like most Apple gadgets, the iPad is certainly a beautiful product. Like the iPod and the iPhone, it's like buying a jewel. The iPad 2 will further develop the original design.

I find the iPad cumbersome to keep. This was surprising to me because it was so smooth. But its weight and round edges do not feel good. And the more I try to capture, the more likely my thumb is to activate the touch screen in an undesirable way. Adding an optional case helps. The iPad 1 has an Apple affair and it works, but personally I do not like the appearance and feel of the material. The iPad 2 comes with a sleek new magnetic cover – it's clear, but it only covers the screen (which may be delicious).

While I could write about the touch screen, 3G, or many other features, the features really matter when you find the apps you want to use. And this is an individual choice for me to give an opinion.

The low cost of technology today is amazing, so when you evaluate the price of iPad, I have to do this with other technologies. A somewhat tight comparison today (from the point of view of portability) is probably a netbook – one of the mini notebooks that has recently become popular. Netbooks are available at half the cost of the iPad, so the iPad seems to be expensive for a device that does not do much in a way. Although, it can be said that although iPad does less than what it does, it works very well. So it will come down to what the gadget needs, and whether the iPad or netbook will better serve this need. Other new gadgets enter the market, giving you more options.

I like the iPad

Click on a button and turn it on. No waiting. As a side note, the MacBook Air is almost instantaneous – very convenient.

Easy to use
This is the easiest-to-use computer you can find, the time span. For those who do not need the full capabilities of the traditional computer, the iPad is the perfect solution. If you have ever tried to use a computer, then you know how difficult it can be for an inexperienced person to navigate on a computer operating system. Not like the iPad. The learning curve is freshly gentle. I think this is the same simplicity as the success of the iPhone, perhaps more than the multi-touch display and other innovative features. (ITunes is another story, even more below.)

The iPad is designed as a touch-screen device, so the interface is for fingerprint management. Tablet PCs that use traditional operating systems (such as Windows 7) are incomparable. The on-screen keyboard is also good (though energy users are likely to continue to use the optional wireless keyboard).

This is a great tool to pick it up and just start "do it". And it's easy to share with others nearby. You find yourself reading / watching / playing only the hell. It's kind of fun.

Compared to the traditional computer, the iPad provides much more hours for charging during charging.

Easy to install, inexpensive and impressive software
Most iPad apps are sold under $ 2 and can be installed with a single click. And there are many wonderful applications that take full advantage of your tablet's format.

Where iPad Drops

Although I've seen, I have not found a good handwriting application yet. And I do not think I'm going to do it because the iPad's capacitive touch screen works just with a pen with a blunt spongy head (imitating the finger's electrical touch). Thus, handwriting is inadequate, with only a few short words at once in large letters. In contrast, Windows 7 and Dell's tablet PC with OneNote enable me to use a typical feathered pen conveniently. I was expecting the iPad to replace the papers, but no chance.

Drawing is AWKWARD
As with handwriting, drawing with iPad is missing from accuracy. I've seen stunning drawings made by talented people using the iPad. But I suspect you must be a very talented and patient artist who appreciates the drawing.

If you really want to access the entire Internet, you need Flash. Too many websites are easy (and more than a game or an animated banner). Things might be different five years later, but today, lack of Flash support means I have to give up most of the Internet I find most useful. Apple has publicly suggested that iPad never support Flash. This is a problem.

I often need to copy and paste text. Although the iPad has this capability, it is slow and cumbersome to use and will cause you to frequently jump to your notebook to send an email or send a website comment.

No camera limits the use of the iPad 1 as a home and on-go device. Fixing the moments of an improvised photo is an important asset to your mobile device. The iPad 2 solves this problem by adding front and rear cameras, similar to the iPhone 4.

The display is nice, but when it stops, it looks like you're fingerprinted. Small, annoying annoyance for most touch screens.

This is very short. (Expansion is available as a separate purchase).

There are free apps and there are apps you need to buy. It would be useful if most applications were provided on a free trial, but it seems that only a few applications are available in this way. Fortunately, most of the prices are fairly low, so the risk of buying something you do not like is manageable. Still, who wants to buy five cheap apps just to find the right one?

iPad locks iTunes to handle music, photos, and other content. Although a single application has the potential to handle content, it can sometimes be (and costly) very unpleasant. And you have to use a computer and you must first enable your iPad. Maybe I'm just myself, but I've always been embarrassed about the iTunes interface and the program was painfully slow, not to mention the common and annoyingly great updates. ITunes is a surprising area where Apple's design sensitivity remains short.

The Ultimate Thoughts

The iPad is basically a big iPod Touch or iPhone without a phone. Larger size makes smaller mobile devices more homely. This is much more comfortable (and more entertaining) than a notebook, netbook or tablet computer, but it's important. When using the iPad, I need to run my computer on a regular basis to send an email, browse a site, watch a video or "real work". For those who do not require the full computer skills, this is a great opportunity. For those who do not require the full computer skills, this is a great opportunity. For those who are doing it, this is a nice gadget to make sure you have around the house (especially if you have a baby) but you can live without it – right now.

Mathew Georghiou, founder and CEO, MediaSpark Inc.
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