Is it time for CIO to open their own App Store?

It's a fact of today that smartphones today are just as smart as the applications we run on them. However, for those who have CIO work, it's worrying: Just what programs are the people in your business that runs on their business because smartphones? What matters, where did they get those programs?

Five reasons why CIO should open the App Store

We all know the importance of information technology and we understand that there are many different reasons why when you're in CIO mode, you might consider taking all the efforts to open Software used by employees of the company. Here are the five most important reasons:

  1. Boost: Let's look at it, just about any application, which allows it to be used in either the App Store or Google application store. As a CIO company, you only want more control over the quality of the applications your staff is downloading on their business with the smartphone. In addition, by controlling which version of application people are downloading, you can ensure that everyone is running the correct updated version.

  2. Feedback: When the information department knows what programs employees are using, they can respond to this. The IT department will now have the ability to make recommendations for employees ("if you want this program, try this program") as well as employees can tell from the IT department what programs they want and who they do.

  3. Regarding the Information Area: As the development of own devices (BYOD) begins to take place, the app store IT department offers an opportunity to show senior management of the company that the IT department is responding to the company's immediate needs with useful solutions.

  4. Free Up IT: When employees use public application stores, they do not know what kind of app they're going to get. When this app does not work or interfere with other programs, they will more often than not call the IT department for assistance. By controlling which applications users can download while the company's application form allows information technology to cut down the number of calls for support they receive.

  5. Security Boost: In public app stores, although the user may think that they recognize the name of the app they are downloading, they may actually be downloading a fraudulent app. By directing employees in the corporate device, information technology can ensure that only fake secure applications are retrieved.

What does this mean for you

Smartphones and their associated applications have become an essential part of our daily lives. If you have a CIO status, you have a big problem when it comes to to ensure the security and reliability of the applications that the people in your company use. That's why opening your own appliance might be right.

Creating your own app store will allow you to add app quality management. You will be able to collect user interface and impress senior executives. Running your own app store can reduce the burden of support on information technology and make your smartphone more secure.

Opening your own app Store is not something you can do overnight. You need to relieve this. You must also sell the idea to another company and make sure you have the programs you want. Take the time to do this right and you might just be running the software store that everyone wants to shop for!

Source by Dr. Jim Anderson

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