Is iPhone Insurance Is Worth It?

iPhone is not a cheap mobile phone. In contrast, theft, loss and loss are susceptible. You might leave one day in a Starbucks and never get it back. If you can pay for iPhone and some extra dollars to Grande Mocha Frappuccino, you can pay for iPhone insurance. A small monthly fee can save hundreds of dollars if something happens on the iPhone. Until recently, insurance providers have not provided an iPhone insurance service. Apple and AT & T still do not offer iPhone insurance. It may be too expensive or too problematic for them.

The good news is that iPhone insurance is now available third-party service providers. Many people wonder if iPhone insurance really is worth it. It will answer the question for the following reasons.

First, it's important to look at the iPhone loss and damage statistics. iPhone Water Damage Nearly 1.2 million phones cause water loss in a year and thousands of iPhones. As soon as the phone falls in water, the chance of saving is minimized. Apple also wonders if it does not allow a phone change or a return in case of water damage. Without insurance, the injured iPhone owner has to cough a few hundred to buy another iPhone or simply copy to a cheaper mobile phone. Loss of iPhone More than 1.6 million phones are lost annually, and thousands of iPhones are involved.

As long as you've called the last store when the iPhone is dead, it can not be returned. If you leave your iPhone unattended, it is likely that someone will decide. Even if you decide to purchase a refurbished iPhone, you will issue at least $ 150. If you change a new iPhone, it will cost more than doubled.

In other words, instead of breaking the bank to replace your phone, you can purchase iPhone insurances. You have to pay monthly fees, but all the charges at the end of the year are less than a new phone. In this case, the iPhone insurance is worth it. If you have insurance cover on your phone and require a loss or damage claim, you will shortly send a remote control.

It's important to conduct your research and find the best insurance contracts. Another decisive step is to check the scope of the insurance cover. This includes theft, loss, major damage, water damage and so on. Some scratches on the new iPhone are not included in the insurance policy. Be sure to check these terms and how long it takes to get the replacement. By understanding the financial burden that you can find when losing your phone is far more economical than the iPhone insurance investment.

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