Is iPhone Going to Verizon – a Good Idea?

Rumors for the popular iPhone will be available on Verizon's network for a few months. Rumors have now confirmed that they are true and many consumers are happy that the iPhone goes to Verizon. Verizon is the second carrier to host the iPhone. The iPhone 4G Verizon release date is February 10, 2011, and existing Verizon customers can pre-order the phone on February 3, 2011. According to many industry experts, one of the most important reasons for the transition to the new network is the increased competition Apple's Android.

The Verizon version of iPhone 4G is not very different from the AT & T version available. The most noticeable difference between Verizon users can not talk on the phone and use it on the web at a time because of the limitations of technology used by Verizon. Unlike AT & T, the new iphone 4G Verizon version does not support the 4G LTE network. This is mostly supported by the CDMA – Verizon 3G network.

Converting iPhone to Verizon does not change the device's prices. Customers will be able to use the iPhone 4G Verizon version for $ 200 for the 16GB and 300Gigabytes. These are the same prices as AT & T. Verizon has a close cover on the phone and data packs available to customers.

Users who expected iPhone to go to Verizon are hoping they will not experience the same issues with dropouts that many AT & T customers experienced, especially in larger cities. Verizon states that the network has been built on customers' custom needs to accommodate new customers. Industry experts estimate that about 1.4 million people will switch from AT & T.

Although the new phone has changed only slightly, customers are keen on purchasing the iPhone 4G Verizon version. With all your questions, it's still one of the most innovative phones on the market, and new developments make it even more popular. Consumers predict the release date of the iPhone 4G Verizon, and now that it is here, people are willing to buy.

Source by Tarsha Clark

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