Is Google Droid the Solution to the iPhone Problem?

Apple's iPhone has been renowned for the best phone in the market over the past two years, largely from the widely popular App Store, which has so far collected more than 100,000 free and paid apps that have large, purposes. That was until recently the fastest smart phone in the market. Google's first jump into the smartphone market is called the "Droid". He bought that apple was already known, and it might have been better. It's still the first operating system version, so there are some minor bugs and bugs that need to be addressed, but seemingly overwhelming the competition. As an app store like the iPhone, open source for every developer, not just an approved one, and a processor that is roughly twice as fast as the iPhone, the Droid is really an iPhone killer. IPhone is a closed system like the Droid, Apple can approve and reject apps and delete apps from anyone's phone that is used for less honest purposes. The "Android" software on the Droid is much more open to programmers, enabling them to develop without approval, unless naturally violates the law. Applications are not always as polished as iPhones, partly because of their relatively young lives, but those that go far beyond the iPhone, especially on mobile networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Both phones use 3G high-speed connectivity, but the difference they use and the efficiency they work are amazing. The Droid uses 3G in a situational way, while the iPhone 3G is always turned on, which dramatically reduces battery life. The networks on which the phones work are also completely different. The Droid uses Verizon, which still has the largest 3G network in the country and roughly doubles the AT & T, the only iPhone carrier. The fast network prevents calls from falling in almost every area, which is commonplace in AT & T's, just like a small network. This will allow the Droid to surf the web at higher speeds and run the incredibly popular Google Maps app to connect to, so you can reverse the target immediately. This far outweighs the scary "Maps" app for iPhone, which is not as fast or easy to use.

Setting up the Droid takes up to 5 minutes. Simply sign in to your Google Account and all your contacts are instantly placed in your phone and are properly set up. Gmail integration is also very clear. This is the most intuitive, full-featured e-mail solution they've ever seen on a smartphone. It also has a tangible keypad that slides up to the iPhone's keypad and a 5-megapixel camera that roughly doubles the brightness of the iPhone. Such features and native GPS navigation and Verizon's powerful wireless network will surely attract many customers who are looking for a phone that can do everything.

Source by Aaron E Smith

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