Is App Development for App Stores Profitable Business?

When Apple announced the launch of the phone sales, it was seen as a new business opportunity for a number of small developers. This is because when iPhone is considered among the coolest brands in recent quarters, iPhone will be in high demand in the coming years. Also, with smartphones as technology in the future, this was seen as an economical area where developers could play their part.

The last two years have been very fertile and have led to the fact that the whole system, as yet, did not exist. Today, millions of iPhone-sold worldwide have served as a viable platform for selling utility iPhone applications. In one blow, the iPhone app store has created livelihood for a few low-time coders.

So how does all this work? The iPhone mobile apps in the Apple App Store are not always sold and # 39;. Many of them are also available free of charge. So, while some app developers play volumes – by getting a lot of people downloading, they stand to earn money through ads. Others play the value by selling the app at a price so that while the amount decreases, the company makes money from this sale. For each program sold, Apple takes 30% commission on the value of the product. So, $ 0.99 app makes developers approx. 70 sent and gets Apple $ 30 sent.

This is now a great company. According to a recent study, with nearly 2 billion apps downloaded late; 30% of them are paid applications, Apple's total revenue from the App Store is somewhere in the range of 220 to 440 million a year. This automatically means that developers have worked somewhere between $ 560 million and $ 1 billion a year.

Source by Anand Srinivasan

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