Apple recently introduced its innovative showcase called iPhone, called iPhone, combining features of mobile phones, cameras and multimedia players.

The iPhone on the iPhone is clever with no buttons expected, but the "home" button is the exception. You can synchronize your phone with your computer to transfer a contact and contact list information. You have a visual voicemail that lets you organize your voicemail like checking your mailbox.

The internet access station offers a free internet experience. Built-in html facility allows you to view e-mail visually. Pictures are visible too.

You can synchronize your iPod camera with your computer, allow transfer of music, videos, etc. IPod also plays movies on a wide screen.

Perhaps the appealing feature of the iPhone 3.5-inch multi-function screen. No keyboard, mouse or style is required because objects on the screen can be used with a fingerprint. The screen can be used in either landscape or shooting mode.

Apple advises the following iPhone battery time per usage:

o Up to 8 hours talk time

o Up to 7 hours video playback

o Up to 6 hours Internet usage

o Up to 24 hour audio playback

Legal websites are all about allowing you to get unlimited iPhone downloads of all your favorite media, basically free. It's a registration fee for membership, but when it's a simple payment, you have access to thousands of categories in movies, music, games, etc.

The advent of iPhone will create many illegal download sites on the Internet. These sites should be avoided as downloading copyrighted music is illegal, as you probably know.

Official iPhone Download Service is said to be the fastest iPhone download service on the Internet. It is said to host more than 2000 categories of unlimited free music, movies, TV shows, sports, games, software and more. Download speed is reputed to be fast. No monthly fees are paid, since access to membership is granted after one-time payment.

Once you've got an iPhone, make sure you've gone to the downloaded phone to download and download unlimited free entertainment.

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