iPhone vs iPod Touch – What to buy?

The iPhone and iPod Touch are two very similar devices. From an aesthetic point of view, they are almost the same, the only difference is the iPhone lining of the iPhone and the iPod Touch is somewhat smaller and thinner in physics. Both of them have very similar price tags, people often belong to their debts, arguing which one is a better buy.

The 8GB iPhone has recently been reduced to a very affordable $ 399, a huge $ 200 drop in the somewhat hopeful $ 599 (and AT & T charges) . Steve Jobs introduced the price cuts by saying "we want to put iPhone a ton of stockings this Christmas" – and that will be done. Unfortunately, the $ 200 reduction far exceeds what AT & T has to pay each month. Yes, buying an iPhone means you can make a two-year contract with AT & T at least 60 USD / month. Of course, unless you wanted to spend more money on an unofficial, legally questionable release that will free you from AT & T support.

However, the iPod Touch does not have the features of the phone (so obviously there is no need for a contract). Less than $ 100 worth of iPhone iPods and Web browsers are available thanks to built-in WiFi. It is unfortunate that many features and applications have been excluded from iPod Touch – adding a camera, even if it was not as "perfect" as the iPhone, would really justify the requested price. This is said that individual applications are more likely to run both devices running the same operating system.

So what to buy? All this depends on personal preference. If you already have a phone, but want something to blow for the "multi-touch" features, go to the iPod Touch. If you're looking for a new phone, look for the iPhone. This is undoubtedly the best smart phone.

Source by Liam Scembri

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