iPhone Vs Android Development – Comparison

iPhone and Android … both are the most important, after generation smartphone. With these two smartphones, life becomes easier and smoother. However, for developers, the application development of the two smartphones is definitely concerned, as it can handle a global audience with applications. The development of Android and iPhone applications is compared as follows:

  • Programming Language : The iPhone Language Development Language C Targeting a C-based programming language with some object-oriented versions such as interfaces, dynamic typing, heritage, messages, and more. On the other hand, developing Android applications is based on Java. Many developers believe that Java is a non-brainer programming tool. Therefore, if you are a developer who loves encoding, developing iPhone applications can stimulate more than Android's development.
  • Platform Comparison: Using the iPhone to find features is very difficult while the case is completely opposed to android. The iPhone application is quite closed while the Android development is open source. You may have to use Google to download the iPhone source code, but the source code for the android is easier and faster. In other words, android platforms are predictable and consistent with the layout. For this reason, novice development should apply to android rather than iPhone development.
  • Programming Model Comparison for Developing iPhone and Android Applications: The iPhone programming model is based on MVC's design pattern. This tool simplifies the creation of a user interface, as all the codes are neatly placed in the source code. On the other hand, it will support several processes later on. So it's a bit complicated. However, both platforms provide a statement about user preferences in XML. The Android XML template allows you to integrate individual user interface components. While on the iPhone, this is an intense work.
  • Resource comparison between the two platforms: There are a number of sources available for iPhone developers. There are videos so developers can look at and apply them thoroughly. On the other hand, it offers the android SDK with the right control of the API settings. Many developers claim that Android resources are much more organized and suitable for any developer. Moreover, there is no open source code for Apple's open source, clear and accurate NDA policy.
  • Tool Comparison: In this section, both are almost identical. There is not much difference between the two systems on their tooling systems. The tooling interface includes debugging, profiling, IDE, user interface and builders.

From the aforementioned conversation, it is clear that developing both the iPhone and Android applications has some advantages and disadvantages. This depends on how much the developers want and what needs to be chosen. The benefits and disadvantages will help.

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