iPhone versus Nokia Xpressmusic

Hello everyone, and a very good day for all of you on this wonderful platform for gaining, understanding, and growing knowledge. For me after interesting discoveries, I think I'm finally ready for the last couple of months on the advantages and disadvantages of the two most popular phone brands. You can hardly turn on your computer and not see an ad that has asked you to buy an iPhone or even a free, interesting stuff that you use the Internet.

So, like someone who has always been a technician junkie, and someone who recently needed a phone and a new wireless provider, I decided to search for the above topic: What's the best? the iPhone or the Nokia Xpressmusic3500? & # 39; & # 39;

First, Nokia is well known to offer an excellent copy of other phones for cheaper and cheaper prices, so there is nothing against them. I actually respect them for the idea. I think this is our successful secret recipe … but then I want to re-use this opportunity to break down both phones to the public in order to help other people who are also interested in the phones have all the great features as well as always the budget price.


The iPhone has many revolutionary new
Gprs, great memory (no memory card required), excellent picture quality, touch-sensitive touch screen and motion detection technology, wireless browsing features, and more.

However, the disadvantages of iPhone outweigh the benefits

for example, the iPhone, like any other apple product, is extremely restrictive in the sense that it does not play well with other kids in the cell phone technology playground.
The lack of capability to pacify bluetooth and other phones is also a huge disadvantage, as all sorts of files, including images, videos, podcasts, etc., can only be transferred from the I-tones used by Apple and used alone by Apple, energy needs also cause concern and makes it unusable in an environment that has a blackout on a regular basis as in most third country countries.

however, the Nokia xpressmusic3500 is highly adaptable. your Bluetooth technology easily pairs all phones except for the iPhone of course, any computer and so on.

Now in the price range, Nokia is also pocket-friendly while the iPhone has been bundled with maintenance maintenance in its pocket

So, all in all, I would say that the nokia xpressmusic3500 raises two fingers on the iPhone with its durability, price, adaptability and features respect.

Source by Brian Warwick

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