iPhone Troubleshooting – Blank or Black Screen iPhone Problems

So the iPhone has an empty or black screen

So there is a problem on the iPhone screen and you want to fix it. Troubleshooting on iPhone to find and fix the cause of the problem is often a simple and easy solution. The most convenient way to think about different solutions is step by step, ensuring that nothing is left out. As a result of this approach, you may feel you have missed the move or you have tried some methods before. I ask you to go through each step to make sure you tried everything. Forgive me if you have tried some approaches earlier.

Now the best way to go step by step through the process is to apologize if you've been trying some of them, but it's often the best!

So when troubleshooting first step iPhone can connect to a computer or a power supply using an empty or black screen. Often, the battery is discharged and make sure that the phone is in good physical condition with your computer and leave the problem for 5 minutes.

The second step . If your iPhone does not work in five minutes and you are sure that you have a good connection with the computer, but your computer recognizes the device, you can restore the iPhone firmly. Before doing this, make sure you have backed up information on your iPhone on your computer. To run the iPhone in hard rest mode, press and hold the home and power buttons at the same time. Keep both for ten seconds and hear the beep on one or watch an apple on the screen. If you see an apple on the screen, hard rest (or Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode) works. Step Three If the previous steps do not work and you still have an empty or black screen, you can have two problems: first, the iPhone, this is the problem on the phone. power cord or phone power cord, try replacing the power cord with a friend or relative, and see if it works, if not, there is a problem with the phone jack. a shop to be repaired, this can not be too expensive, make sure you receive more places and get more quotes before you begin the repair.

Step 4 If your phone but DFU mode did not solve the problem, the problem involves dealing with screen power or power on the screen inside the phone. Both can be damaged if there is any trauma in the iPhone. If the screen is blank, compared to black, I suggest that the problem is more likely to be the mechanics on the screen. The screen can be replaced at home, but there is a need for some equipment and technical equipment. (Note: this may invalidate warranty warranties and, as such, the author will not approve.) Repeatly, if you take it to a repair shop, be sure to get more reviews and quotes before settling down.

The power of the screen on iPhone is even more comfortable and you do not have to try it at home with the same advice as the screen replacement for repairs (many other quotes, etc.).

I hope you find this article useful, iPhone troubleshooting solves black or blank screen problems!

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