iPhone – The Mobile Social Network

This is one of the kind, since it has the proper features. To make sure that all mobile social networks are successful, they need presence, awareness, and be able to tell the user where their friends are and what they are doing. Not only is it able to meet new people.

It's a fact that large social networks do not take into account mobile phones. However, Facebook's iPhone application is only a desktop version optimized for that phone. You have the disadvantage of not using your device to tell the user when your friends are close.

This is not really a disadvantage because the ultimate goal here is not just to see users where their friends are and what the situation is, but rather a killer application to make it easier for new people to meet even for dating or business purposes , privacy too.

It should be considered that if a network is a critical mass user, depending on your privacy settings, it must be able to access all the gatherings and view the people in the room. The advantage is surely the first to come on the first server basis, ie, who will be there for the first time will have a greater chance than the existing networks on MySpace and Facebook today.

To create a critical mass, users who have GPS or triangles for presence and location and have software on the phone instead of accessing only one web site should have users. For example, to demonstrate that java applications for European mobile operators are a lot easier compared to the United States, this is why most mobile social networks are on the go.

The iPhone has both utilities and will soon install the SDK to allow third-party applications on your phone. As soon as the SDK is released, it is necessary to look for third-party applications to try to create a social network on the iPhone.

Source by Bill Pratt

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