iPhone – The apple of our ear?

Ah, the iPhone. Since launching Apple's first phone in January – a PC camera – the MP3 player was about the entire mobile phone industry. This product incorporates everything including an extremely wide touchscreen (eliminates the need for traditional "keys") and a precious 499 or 599 dollars (4 GB or 8 GB).

The iPhone boasts of a "widescreen iPod touch screen and a breakthrough internet communication tool for desktop email, web browsing, maps and searches," according to Apple's website – not to mention the 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Wifi, OS X , widget support, Safari, Google Maps, Visual voicemail, and iTunes.

Yes, Revolutionary. Slim, new, hip and Apple, for Pete's sake – but what needs to be done to get millions of users over the years mobile phone successes and pitfalls? Could a computer giant like Apple, be circulating in a playfield dominated by experienced wireless carriers and winning?

As you think, there is a dispute.

On the one hand, Apple is the technology business. Its longstanding history is to help people communicate and connect effectively to each other. They are often regarded as cutting edge, innovative and modern. And do not forget that Apple users tend to be wildly loyal. Apple also has the advantage of virtual communication, while it has fallen off all the time. In other words, Apple has an appeal (no intent).

But it may seem fair to sign up for a two-year phone with a phone set up by a company that has only just begun to launch on the mobile phone market, it may be a risky step. How will the battery stand? Can the touch screen be used? Are the programs intuitive? Perhaps even more important is smartphone users willing to take the dough? For $ 500 to $ 600, this is not a cheap game.

In any way, iPhone is definitely a new direction for Apple. Always a company that is synonymous with advanced technology, Apple is only interested in "just computers" for a while; so it seems entirely natural that the mobile phone product is in the next line.

The Internet is already exploding with people predicting and giving two cents to a phone that is not even on the market. Only time will prove the iPhone is a frenzied success or a huge mistake, but Apple has achieved at least one victory – everyone has talked.

Source by Laura Watkins

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