iPhone SDK – Top Tips for developing the first iPhone app for Apple AppStore

AppStore Apple has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm. So far, the network operator has kept its application development picky and believes it is a competitive advantage. Ironically, it's Apple, known for its patron's patronage, which has opened application development for everyone and everyone.

Before you start developing your own new Apple iPhone application, follow these simple top leads:

  1. Select Apple Mac. Be careful. Many buy for Mac on eBay, and then the SDK does not find it running. The iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) will only run on Intel based Apple Mac. No exceptions.
  2. The cheapest Apple Mac to buy is a Mini Mac. It's a small but beautifully engineered machine and is more than capable of running Apple SDK.
  3. Create your first app by following a proven example. Make it slow and try to understand the code and all the elements.
  4. One of the most complex pieces for non-developers is the MVC frame. This keeps your code neat and distinguishes the views of the model (actual code) and administrator. It's worth taking time to understand this frame.
  5. Design your application before you build something. Decide where all the buttons and operating systems will be and what each screen looks like. Register and log in safely.
  6. Create a web site online, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Live, so you can share your ideas and designs with others to get feedback before you start. But do not say too many people or you might find your idea will be copied before you even start.
  7. When using the user interface screens on iPhone, follow the Apple UI instructions carefully. If not, your application will be rejected by Apple.
  8. Carefully test the application for different devices, such as iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch etc and different wireless settings. Make sure that the application carefully tracks a tag and displays a sensible alert message to the user.
  9. Having completed iPhone application development next level is to test the application on your phone. This step, called processing, is the biggest and annoying part. Follow the instructions on the Apple website for the first time and you will save a lot of work.
  10. Do not forget to market your application. Friends and families are the best marketing tools and are free. Spread the word with your Facebook page, Twitter and the message.

Good luck. Follow the simple tips above and get started. The market is out there just waiting for your app to take on AppStore.

Source by Alex Mayer

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