iPhone Screen Shift – step by step

One of the most complex fixes on the iPhone is a screen replacement repair before trying this fix, make sure you spend enough time on the task and have a clear work area for the iPhone and the replacement screen.

To improve the replacement screen, the iPhone should be completely disassembled, so I would suggest getting some small pieces to tag the parts and especially the origin of the screws before starting the repair. Label the following; Metal rear screws, aluminum back cover and motherboard – place them in the work area in this order, including a small space for the other iPhone parts and the replacement screen.

Instruments and equipment for repair; a small case screwdriver, a paper clip to leave the SIM tray and the iPhone replacement screen as they are manually handled and the paper labels are lined up. Before starting the repair, make sure you have clean hands.

First, remove the SIM tray – insert it by inserting the paper clip in the hole at the top of the iPhone near the power button when the clip is inserted, remove the SIM tray. Then take the door opener to remove the plastic back cover of the iPhone. Place the two items beside the paper labels after installing the replacement screen on your iPhone, reverse the order of this instruction to reconnect the iPhone. That is why I would suggest that you place the farthest ones next to the aluminum paper label.

The next step is to remove the two small screws on one side of the back that secures the metal cover and at the top of another screw in the center where it removed the plastic backing – placed on the paper label. After completing this operation, take the door opener again and carefully run it on both sides of the iPhone to loosen the backrest of the frame – you will notice that the metal back cover is provided with a ribbon, gently remove this from the main part of the iPhone and not metal back

The next step to repair screen replacement needs caution – removing the iPhone antenna cable with three sticky glue to loosen the glue patches. Then, remove 10 screws on the iPhone side and insert the "External Case" label on the paper – then remove the 3 screws that secure the system board. The motherboard should be removed just as the battery is soldered, after removing the remaining iPhone frames.

The next step is to remove the LCD screen to fit the replacement screen – this is probably the hardest part of the fix and needs to be very cautious. Loosen the 3 clips on the side of the screen and slowly begin to remove the LCD, you will see that some wires are interconnected to the Iphone – carefully transfer them through the frame and slide them down.

take down the iPhone screen switch and insert it into your phone, carefully follow your steps to ensure that you do not fool yourself when you're composing the iPhone in its original state.

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